John Coldicutt

CMO of KashFlow, part of the IRIS Software Group

John Coldicutt is CMO of KashFlow.

KashFlow is part of the IRIS Software Group and provides online accounting software for small business owners.

With 34 years' experience, the IRIS Software Group provides business critical software and services to the UK accountancy and SME sectors. Over 60,000 small and medium-sized companies including 15,500 accountancy practices rely on IRIS every day to run their business and collaborate, with around 96,500 end-users subscribing to IRIS cloud solutions.

IRIS offers the greatest range of specialist accountancy, payroll and HR solutions - delivered as a choice of integrated on premise software and cloud-based applications - managed under the leading IRIS, PTP, Drummohr, KashFlow, Earnie and Cascade product brands.

In accountancy, IRIS is the most trusted software provider in the UK today with over 98% customer retention for its core products, 60% of the top 50 practices as customers and 2.9 million tax returns successfully filed with HMRC each year.

As a leading provider of payroll, HR and bookkeeping software IRIS serves SMEs, corporates, payroll bureaus and a number of industry sectors including 50% of UK GP practices. More than 10% of UK businesses pay their employees via IRIS payroll solutions.
Will the Conservatives Deliver Continued Economic

Will the Conservatives Deliver Continued Economic Growth?

There is only so much we can draw from the Queen's Speech - as with any government, it will be judged on results rather than promises. Clearly, for the economy to really thrive, it's vital the Conservatives foster an environment which allows businesses across the UK to flourish. Only time will tell if David Cameron's Tories will succeed.
05/06/2015 11:46 BST
Red Tape Continues Strangling the

Red Tape Continues Strangling the Economy

The £10 billion government has saved businesses over the past four years is a great start but if it doesn't do more to cut red tape for British SMEs, it's only a matter of time before we dip straight back into recession.
07/01/2015 14:22 GMT
Top Tips for Financial

Top Tips for Financial Management

Businesses often rely on accountancy software to help them keep track of their cash flow. I believe the values accounting tools promote should also be embraced when managing personal finances. Below are a number of simple tips to help stay on top of personal accounts.
10/11/2014 14:21 GMT
Making the Most of Time Off

Making the Most of Time Off Work

As Stanley Kubrick's classic The Shining tells us "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and this still rings true today; employees that spend too much time at work will find their social lives suffer.
20/08/2014 15:09 BST
Is the Next Generation

Is the Next Generation Doomed?

Unemployment is always at the heart of the news agenda and last month people began eulogising over a five year low of 2.2 million in the UK. This is of course great news, the more people we have in employment, the more stable our economy is and this can only drive further growth...
25/06/2014 15:26 BST