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Don't Let the Door Hit EU on the Way

Don't Let the Door Hit EU on the Way Out

However, what I've concluded from the last few days is that I don't dislike the result of the vote as much as I dislike what the vote itself represents. A Britain which appears to be increasingly inward looking, intolerant and perhaps even self-destructive.
28/06/2016 10:26 BST

Meh-lection 2015

Let me start first by saying this, politics is a huge part of my life. I've been following political debates for a long time, I've written articles for newspapers and websites about political issues and I'm finally inching towards the end of a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics after six years without a social life. However, what you're watching on television and reading in the newspapers at the moment could only generously be described as politics...
23/04/2015 10:45 BST
Is the Eurozone Austerity Backlash Heading to

Is the Eurozone Austerity Backlash Heading to Britain?

As the disciples of Eurozone austerity are being unceremoniously booted out of office, now might be a good time for us to discuss whether the backlash against British austerity, which has been growing since the formation of the coalition, has the potential to expand and provoke yet another government to fall.
15/05/2012 11:07 BST
Same-Sex Marriage: Why

Same-Sex Marriage: Why Not?

Last week, former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey hopped on the bandwagon of a new petition launched by the Coalition for Marriage, a group formed to support what they define as traditional marriage
27/02/2012 13:46 GMT
Beating the Drums of War

Beating the Drums of War (again)

So here's the scenario. A sovereign nation in the Middle East is accused of developing weapons of mass destruction. The dictatorial leader is portrayed as psychotic and deranged across the western media, seemingly capable of anything.
13/12/2011 20:20 GMT
Focus on

Focus on #Occupy

Change doesn't happen overnight and persistence will be key to success. The tents will eventually disappear, but the knowledge acquired and the connections made during the time at St Paul's will remain as valuable building blocks for the future.
07/11/2011 09:47 GMT