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Professor of Psychology

Psychology professor. Author. Speaker. Latest book, 'Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion'.
Are We Drawn To Colours That Meet Our Psychological

Are We Drawn To Colours That Meet Our Psychological Needs?

Colours arouse strong emotions in all of us. These emotions may be linked to memories. I can't stand bottle green because it reminds me of bleak school uniforms. But ochre yellow and fuchsia pink always take me back to sunny days in colourful Rajasthan India.
11/09/2017 14:54 BST
Are You Scared To Go Outside Your Comfort

Are You Scared To Go Outside Your Comfort Zone?

It's so easy to stay settled in our comfort zone waiting for 'someone' to come along and tell us it's OK to leave. Only we can give ourselves that permission. We can quieten that voice in our heads that says "you're not allowed to do that' and shout back: "Actually I am!"
19/10/2016 15:25 BST
Clothes And The Human

Clothes And The Human Factor

Clothing humanises us; it's a primary form of self-expression. History has shown, conversely, that a fast way to dehumanise and diminish a person is to strip them of their personal clothing. You may have seen distressing images of mistreated prisoners; they are often naked or semi-naked, their lack of clothing emphasising their vulnerability and robbing them of individuality.
16/08/2016 12:22 BST
How to be Happy When You're Not on

How to be Happy When You're Not on Holiday

Unhappy people feel they need to scratch a massive itch, to leap out of a rut, to satisfy a deep desire. And they can do that with something very small. A tiny, positive action can bring happiness today. And again tomorrow. And every day.
26/07/2016 13:55 BST
31 Ways to Say

31 Ways to Say No

Becoming a people-pleaser may keep the peace - even win you friends - but is the personal cost really worth it? Often resentment, dissatisfaction and loss of self-esteem are the result of not being able to say No.
01/03/2016 11:56 GMT
How NOT to Over-Eat This

How NOT to Over-Eat This Christmas

Christmas is coming and it's not just the goose who's getting fat. Many people will also be piling on a few extra pounds over the holiday period. So how can we use what's known about the brain to put less in our stomachs this year?
14/12/2015 17:26 GMT
Six Tips for Cultivating

Six Tips for Cultivating Confidence

I am currently conducting a survey into confidence and one of the things I'm interested in is the way a person's body is when they lack confidence. They tend to slump, they withdraw physically, their head drops and their eyes look away.
06/11/2015 10:47 GMT
Keep Your Friendships

Keep Your Friendships Fresh

As humans we have evolved as social animals. It once made sense for us to stick to our own tribe because outsiders represented danger. They don't any more. Invite more outsiders into your tribe and freshen up your friendships and your life.
13/04/2015 12:14 BST
11 Myths about Quitting

11 Myths about Quitting Smoking

With the UK's National No Smoking Day less than a month away, if you're planning to give up on that day you need to start preparing now. Don't be fooled by some of these myths about quitting smoking and you can be smoke-free next month!
17/02/2015 16:08 GMT
New Year's Resolutions: Don't Feel a

New Year's Resolutions: Don't Feel a Failure

The brain is the ultimate habit machine. Your life has unknowingly been sent down a set of rails, and your cunning brain switched to autopilot. Making changes means seizing back control. To do this you have to shake up those old habits and routines, take new routes.
12/01/2015 16:02 GMT
Dying Regrets: 'I Wish That I Had Let Myself be

Dying Regrets: 'I Wish That I Had Let Myself be Happier'

Bronnie was a palliative nurse whose life was transformed when she found herself tending to the needs of the dying. She began to catalogue the most common regrets of the people she cared for. A common wish was that they had simply let themselves be happier.
27/10/2014 12:06 GMT
Is TV Making You

Is TV Making You Fat?

This week a government body finally woke up to the fact that TV makes us fat. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) is drafting recommendations that people cut down on their TV consumption. Having ditched the box myself ten years ago, I wonder why it took them so long to switch on to something so obvious.
26/09/2014 15:34 BST
30 Fascinating Facts About Fashion

30 Fascinating Facts About Fashion Psychology

What you wear affects you psychologically. It can profoundly alter your mood. It also influences how others respond to you. And the visual illusion created by cut and fabric dramatically changes the appearance of your body. Your clothes can affect your job prospects, your love life and even your self-image.
06/08/2014 12:34 BST

DIY Happiness

My friend Ruth recently confessed to me that she just didn't know how to feel really happy. She wasn't depressed, she insisted, she just wasn't feeling really happy. What is happiness? I asked her. She immediately came back with, "It's a feeling. A good feeling". As our chat continued we realised that we can't wait to feel happy. Sometimes we have to do happy.
17/06/2014 17:09 BST
Mind What You Wear: It Can Change Your

Mind What You Wear: It Can Change Your Life

It is easy to think of clothing as mere covering, or the means by which we project our image to other people. But studies have shown that clothes really can change how we think and feel.
21/05/2014 12:29 BST
Three Simple Rules for Easy

Three Simple Rules for Easy Parenting

Research shows that adults who can delay gratification and regulate their behaviour are more likely to be high achievers. They're also the savers with long-term plans, quietly gloating over the live-it-up splurgers.
15/04/2014 11:33 BST
14 Ways to Put the Bounce Back Into Your

14 Ways to Put the Bounce Back Into Your Morning

After starting my day with a diet of positivity I find my whole outlook changes. And this has a knock-on effect. After all, if you enter a room with a smile on your face you're more likely to spread a bit of sunshine than if you go in scowling.
08/04/2014 13:03 BST