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Hey there, I am Karl Young and I blog over at I am a project manager in PR and SEO by day, and a daddy and lifestyle blogger by night. I have two boys, reside in Harrogate, working in Leeds, when i find the time i i love to play golf, darts and poker. I write about a variety of parenting-related subjects: fatherhood, mental health, family days outs, product reviews, childcare. I am a massive joker and moaner I occasionally contribute to the Metro as well:

Raising Non-Materialistic Kids. Is it Possible?

We all must start at home by practicing what we preach. Being aware of our own self desires and discouraging ourselves from becoming envious in front of our children can prevent us from unintentionally setting a bad example for our children.
03/08/2016 15:05 BST

A Father's Guide to Fighting Sleep Deprivation and Stress

Fatherhood brings many challenges: dirty nappies, a depleted social life and a messy house to name just a few. But two of the toughest challenges a father will have to deal with is their lack of sleep and high stress levels.
21/05/2015 21:19 BST

Top Five Ways to Avoid 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers

The prevalence of spoilers immediately following cult television shows has spiked, with some shows even encouraging immediate interaction by showing official social media hashtags during premiere broadcasts. It's a natural response, especially when something particularly dramatic happens people turn to others to talk about it.
28/04/2015 08:40 BST

Five Easter Egg Activities to Entertain Children

The arrival of the Easter Bunny and the promise of lots of chocolate eggs make this an exciting holiday for anyone with a young family. With Easter half term looming and spare time to fill, it's the perfect excuse to prolong the excitement with egg-related activities.
25/03/2015 13:25 GMT

Five Things to Try Before You're 30

When I'm old and lonely I don't want my life to read: He was born and then he died and not much happened in between! I want to make my son and family proud, I want to sit in my old chair and tell tales of triumph!
13/02/2015 10:58 GMT

A Stressed Dad's Top Tips for Moving House

If like me you have recently moved in the last few weeks you can probably remember the horror of finding those little extra costs and projects that you didn't foresee. I thought that other parents would appreciate a little help from for a dad who has been through the ordeal.
30/01/2015 11:58 GMT

The 'I Know How Much I Can Handle' Attitude Needs to Stop

There may not be a sign of snow, but this Christmas is still set to be a special one for me. I am now a dad, and with fatherhood comes a new outlook on the festive season. Yes it's fun to wail to Wizzard with a whiskey in hand, but above all, I want it to be a magical time for my son. It's this new responsibility that makes me feel obliged to remind the nation about the dangers of a drink too many.
23/12/2014 06:12 GMT

Let the Children Play! - Why Children Should Be Playing Outside This Winter

I believe that technology isn't the problem, the problems is that as parents, we are failing to manage our children's recreational time effectively. Parents nowadays are busier than ever before and finding that extra time to deal with and plan children's playtime is becoming increasingly difficult.
31/10/2014 10:46 GMT

Finding Out She's Pregnant: 10 Dads Give Their Experiences

There has long been the opinion of men naturally being scared and or wanting to run away once a woman has told them they are expecting. Personally I am not sure where this has come from and I can only guess it's from the soaps and the trashy magazines. In my experience I was over the moon and from speaking to my followers on Twitter so were they.
15/07/2014 11:42 BST

Fatherhood and Its Sacrifices

Nothing could have ever prepared me for fatherhood, not even those overly judgmental and opinionated parental advice magazines could have explained to me what my relationship and my body would have to go through in the first three months of fatherhood.
02/07/2014 12:39 BST