Liam Harrington

CEO and co-founder of UNILAD

Liam Harrington, CEO and Co-Founder UNILAD, 24, from North London started his entrepreneurial journey at 17 when he founded a merchandising company.

Harrington was never an academic so relied heavily on his personality to take him wherever he wanted to go, and to this day, he feels that this is the strongest asset to any entrepreneur. It has helped him massively in the creation and development of UNILAD, which is now one of the largest media platforms in the world.

An avid fan of charitable causes, Liam is determined to use his social power for the better and tackle hard-hitting issues that his generation face including: homelessness, mental health and education. Alongside Sam Bentley, Liam Harrington is determined to change the way we consume content for the better.

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