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Liberty Forrest

International Psychic Medium, Award-Winning Author

Liberty Forrest is an international psychic and medium, whose gifts became evident in childhood. They continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally. Now living in Western Canada, previously Liberty enjoyed an idyllic life in rural England, where for five years she appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing “psychic phone-ins” for listeners. Eventually, she took to the stage, where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit. Currently, she enjoys doing readings for clients over the phone or internet, offering compassionate heart-cantered guidance to help them get unstuck and move forward. She also assists people in developing their own abilities as psychics and mediums, including offering one-on-one guidance to help them fully access their intuitive abilities. Liberty is also an award-winning author, a columnist, and has had numerous articles printed in many publications around the globe. She has produced several books on inspirational self-help topics and also writes paranormal thriller saga fiction.

Feel Like A Failure? Think You're Powerless? This Is for You

When we remain locked into these kinds of thoughts, invariably we will be overwhelmed with "negative" emotions, such as sadness, grief, jealousy, frustration or anger. What you're thinking about will always lead to what you're feeling. So if you don't like how you feel, you must change your thoughts.
18/10/2016 11:21 BST

Your Need for Privacy Could Be Hurting You

Most of the time, when people say this to me, I'm surprised. Not that they've said it (and it's lovely that they do), but that it's their perception that I've done something unusual, or at least, something unusual enough that it warrants commenting on it.
14/01/2016 12:11 GMT

How Six Little Words to a 3-Year-Old Can Influence Global Change

In the earliest days of humanity's existence, everything that happened beyond anyone's control or understanding was blamed on - or credited to - the gods. It was a deeply spiritual world until the pendulum swung well over to the side of science, with a new demand for facts, hard evidence and proof rather than mere belief.
28/09/2015 16:38 BST

If Low-Income Women Had This, They Could Get Back to Work

Wouldn't it be an incredible thing if businesswomen in cities everywhere saw how much good they could do their communities by creating programs like this? As women, we are generally nurturers. Shouldn't we be helping to empower other women contribute their gifts to society, whether in work or as volunteers?
17/07/2015 11:50 BST

Society's Trend Toward Poor Manners Ever Worsening

I must have finally become officially "old." And no doubt that over the last few decades, my father would have been tearing out his silky grey hair and pounding on the arm of his chair at the appalling and gradual slide away from good manners that seems to be "the norm" around the world.
26/06/2015 11:46 BST

Thomas Bahler: An Entertainment Legend With a Humble Servant's Heart

He is among the most down-to-earth, humble people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Kind and warm, Tommy, or simply "T" is a compassionate and sensitive man, which I suppose is at least partially responsible for his success in the entertainment industry. But there was a time when success seemed out of reach.
26/06/2015 11:00 BST

Which of These Excuses for Boredom Do You Use?

It always makes my ears itch when someone says "I'm boooooooored!" If I'm honest, I'd love to know what that feels like. But I'm a busybusybusy girl. I've always got stuff to do. I need about 362 hours in every day and the list of ideas, thoughts, interests and possibilities just keeps growing.
03/06/2015 14:44 BST

Are You Sick Because of What You Can Hear?

Do you ever stop to think about how many sounds you hear in a day? Do you ever think about how many of them your brain shuts off so you no longer hear them? And did you know that those sounds could be either helping or harming you?
10/03/2015 10:42 GMT