Linzi Boyd

Entrepreneur and Brand Guru

CEO of Surgery Group, partner at Shirlaws, The School of Brand Fame and author Number One Brand Best-Seller ‘Brand Famous.’ Linzi Boyd is a successful business woman and business management speaker who has successfully launched, developed and sold a number of businesses, consistently riding at the highest peaks of the waves of consumer trends and brand popularity.
A Woman's Place is in the

A Woman's Place is in the Home!

One final thing to consider, we can only learn in the moment, making mistakes along the way bearing in mind that our children who learn from us will hopefully find it easier to lead the way for their children in the future.
05/01/2015 14:57 GMT
The 'Business' of

The 'Business' of Family

With each year came new challenges as my children grew and their needs began to change. The overlap between running a business and running a home became more and more apparent as we all shaped our lives. My realisation through this time was that there are always four things which largely cross-over with running a business and your family home...
19/08/2014 11:49 BST