Louis McIntosh

Writer, poet, musician and Mental Health advocate

Have been a professional globetrotting chef for 25 years and subsequently a club promoter and dj for 10 years before re-locating to sunny, S.Spain where I belatedly started a family at the tender age of 56. Now a proud father of 7 year old Florence. Have suffered through depression and written a book about it called The Black Dawg which I self published with the help of the illustrator of the book, Kathryn Hockey.
The Black Dawg Launch - Aiding Emotional

The Black Dawg Launch - Aiding Emotional Wellbeing

Over the past year I have been involved fully in The Black Dawg project. It started off simply, writing down late at night my thoughts and feelings in the wake of a debilitating depressive episode in my life.
11/04/2016 16:24 BST
Choose Life, Choose Hope: The Black Dawg

Choose Life, Choose Hope: The Black Dawg Project

I have been writing or discussing depression for a few years rather than brushing the experience under the carpet. Whilst moving on to a happier and more hopeful phase, I realised I have a duty of care to share.
05/04/2016 11:18 BST
Pandora's Box IS

Pandora's Box IS Depression

Oh no, not another blogpost about Depression, I wish it would go away. Funnily enough so do a lot of us. But it won't. It's here to stay, this 21st Century disease, or could there be signs of similar dark phantoms in the psyche of our past?
05/02/2016 11:04 GMT
Mental Health - The Time Is

Mental Health - The Time Is NOW

The upside of depression is it can give you an opportunity to have a heightened awareness of another' s suffering, whether it is feeling alone, uncared for, unloved or unsafe. You can now fully appreciate the importance of providing understanding and support. Sharing your time and your compassion can make a difference.
09/11/2015 11:13 GMT
What They DON'T Tell You About

What They DON'T Tell You About Depression

Many sufferers do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe their personal hell experience of Depression or to shine a bright light onto that despairing darkness and verbalise what they see and feel. Sometimes words are just not enough.
30/09/2015 14:38 BST
To Baby or Not to Baby and How Do You Know If You Want

To Baby or Not to Baby and How Do You Know If You Want One?

People espousing being child free as a choice and not by circumstance are somewhat missing the grand point. Which is this: the childless person making that decision is completely different to the person they' d become if they were to have one.
23/03/2015 13:08 GMT
Basic Instincts and Bare

Basic Instincts and Bare Necessities

How many of us are only one short step away from a disastrous life-changing event whether it be loss of a job, a loved one, an accident, repossessed house, illness. We can never be sure what is coming round that next bend but are we prepared? How can we be?
27/02/2015 11:03 GMT
Modern Life, Multiple

Modern Life, Multiple Strife

In this Modern Age the pressure and stress to fulfil multiple roles simultaneously means we are juggling with too many balls, so sometimes you just have to drop one or two to keep the others in motion. We all want to be loved and to love but we don't want complications.
30/01/2015 12:30 GMT
Baby Steps to Confuse/Defuse

Baby Steps to Confuse/Defuse Depression

Always remember that Depression is lying to you constantly about what you can or can't do. These are Baby Steps for confronting, distracting and confusing the Big D and in the process give you some measure of comfort.
19/01/2015 15:49 GMT
Boshing the Bully Within

Boshing the Bully Within (Depression)

The bully for many of you, who you either acknowledge or not, is within. He is the dominant, overriding voice who demands your attention but not your affection, your compliance not your defiance, your obedience, your subservience. He is the omnipotent Black Dog, logged in to your psyche, he knows the passwords to get in and won't log out.
08/01/2015 09:45 GMT