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Lucy Cotterill

Mum to a threenager & newborn, blogging about the trials & tribulations of parenthood!

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To The Waiter Who Disciplined My Child

Today was an interesting day. With my daughter starting school in September, I have been making the most of the few full days we have left together. We left the house at 10 and spent the morning at the library and shops, so by lunch time we were all pretty ravenous.
24/08/2017 15:57 BST

Lunch Shaming... Behind The Scenes Of A 'Pouch Mum'

I had a bad eater first time around with Erin in that she was fussy. I was determined to make baby led weaning work 2nd time around, and spent a lot of time reading about all the fun finger foods we could try. Unfortunately for me, Neve then arrived with the strongest gag reflex known to man, and as such, things didn't quite go to plan.
21/08/2017 11:59 BST