Being a mummy of 8 I have realised that all children are messy hell-raisers !

If your children are clean, well mannered perfect angels then you may want to pop a handful of valium and swig a large mouthful of gin as you’ll read of no such kiddies here.
The children here are mainly a happy, imaginative bunch of mischief adoring, mayhem embracing monsters.
If you have ever taken your pre-schoolers along to a play date only to find that while others kids seem to sit quietly playing whilst yours are causing havoc,running about with breadsticks up their noses and generally giving you a mini-migraine in the process then this blog is for you.
For fellow mummies and daddies who have sat in an A&E ward next to your beautiful first born who has a lego mans arm wedged firmly up his nose requiring probable surgical removal – I salute you !

Keep it real – mess happens,accidents happen and patience gets tested but if your children are still smiling then you are doing a good job…