Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis is a renowned analyst of British foreign policy and international development and authors of the books Web of Deceit: Britain's Real Role in the World, Unpeople: Britain's Secret Human Rights Abuses and Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam. Websites - and

Britain's Trade And Aid Policy After Brexit - Neo-Liberalism Goes Mad

Unless there is a serious challenge, Britain is set to increasingly promote a failed model of international trade that will impoverish developing countries still further. It will also likely pursue an aid strategy that supports corporations, neo-liberal economic objectives and wider British foreign policy.
05/12/2016 16:59 GMT

Britain's Post-Brexit Foreign Policy Is Becoming Clearer - And It's Not Pretty

The meaning of this from the rest of Jones's speech is clear - the head of the Royal Navy is seriously saying that British sea power and military force will protect and enhance British financial and commercial interests, including those of the City of London, especially in Asia. This is a clear exposition of the return of imperial gunboat diplomacy that Britain may be envisaging in the post-Brexit world.
16/11/2016 12:18 GMT

Britain's Seven Covert Wars

Britain is fighting at least seven covert wars in the Middle East and North Africa, outside of any democratic oversight or control. Whitehall has in effect gone underground, with neither parliament nor the public being allowed to debate, scrutinise or even know about these wars...
18/10/2016 18:02 BST

The Case For A Public Enquiry On The War In Libya

Cameron resigned as an MP two days before the Committee enquiry was published, which is hard to believe was coincidental. If MPs are concerned about being lied to and about whether Britain is a rogue state in international affairs, they should now demand a new public enquiry.
26/09/2016 00:50 BST

Britain's Dangerous and Ignored Special Relationship With Oman

By retaining faith in repressive pro-Western leaders in the region, backing them to the hilt, supplying them with arms and using their territory to militarily intervene in the region, Britain is continuing its long-standing Middle East policy... It really is time that British journalists find out where Oman is on the map and highlight what their country is actually doing there.
11/08/2016 17:00 BST

Britain's New African Empire

We need to radically rethink the notion that Britain is helping Africa to develop. The UK's large aid programme is, among other things, being used to promote African policies from which British corporations will further profit. British policy in Africa, and indeed that of African elites, needs to be challenged and substantially changed if we are serious about promoting long term economic development on the continent.
26/07/2016 16:43 BST