Mark Perryman

Co-founder of the self-styled 'sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction' aka Philosophy Football

Mark Perryman is a research fellow in sport and leisure culture at the Chelsea School, University of Brighton and co-founder of Philosophy Football. Mark's new book 1966 and Not All That is published by Repeater Books in 2016.
Fixture Clash: Euro 2016 vs Euro

Fixture Clash: Euro 2016 vs Euro Referendum

David Cameron, you know the one who gets his Villas and West Hams all in a muddle when professing his undying love for a team in claret and blue, obviously wasn't checking the summer fixture lists when plumping for a date to have a Euro Referendum.
24/02/2016 11:48 GMT
Don't Tell Him

Don't Tell Him Pike

Quite remarkably almost 50 years on never-ending repeats from the nine original series are still being broadcast as primetime Saturday night TV. And perhaps most amazing of all <em>Dad's Army</em> has been remade into a new feature film, not reinvented for a 2016 audience but recreated to be as close as possible to the original version.
04/02/2016 17:45 GMT
Autumn Books for the Corbyn

Autumn Books for the Corbyn Effect

Peter Mair's superb short book Ruling the Void is rightly regarded as the essential text on the subject of disaffection with mainstream politics.
26/11/2015 17:12 GMT
Liberté, Égalité,

Liberté, Égalité, Vélocité

Le Tour is now as much a fixture of the Great British Sporting Summer as Wimbledon strawberries and cream, a flutter on the Derby, England's bi-annual early exit from a Euro or a World Cup and the five-day drama of an Ashes Test, weather permitting.
18/06/2015 10:47 BST
When It Comes to Fifa the English FA's Not Got a Leg to Stand

When It Comes to Fifa the English FA's Not Got a Leg to Stand On

That's right, on the eve of England's doomed bid to host World Cup 2018 the bid director took time out to lambast the BBC for investigating FIFA corruption. Five years later with FIFA headquarters raided by police and arrests made the smell of the hypocrisy of English football adopting the role of the game's moral guardian should border on the overpowering. But almost all of this context is lost in the soft target discourse of Blatter-bashing.
01/06/2015 11:41 BST
Beyond the

Beyond the Froth

I'm sorry but you won't find here the just-in-time-for Christmas sports autobiography blockbusters. With enough manufactured controversy to ensure blanket coverage when they are launched even a skim read will reveal that on the contrary they tell the reader very little they didn't either know or suspect already.
17/11/2014 12:37 GMT
Red, White, Blue and Green with

Red, White, Blue and Green with Envy

On 19th September I want to wake up to a Britain no longer shaped by the failed politicians of yesteryear. I want to wake up to a Scotland, independent, bold and brave enough to sort out its own future. And once it begins that process, the rest of us prepared to follow suit. Breaking up Britain? An independent Scotland is only be the start.
11/09/2014 11:03 BST
Reading Le

Reading Le Tour

For many though, whatever the scale of Wiggo, Cav and Froome's achievements as British cyclists, the long shadow of the sport's drug problems remains so impenetrable as to cast such successes in doubt.
02/07/2014 12:20 BST
Tour De Angleterre Avec

Tour De Angleterre Avec France

No expensive new stadiums and arenas, often to be barely used after the extravaganza is over, sold off or knocked down. In fact no new infrastructure at all, apart from filling in the potholes on the road.
24/06/2014 14:45 BST
Our World of

Our World of Sport

The glorious appeal of sport is its unpredictability. A year ago Man Utd won the League by 11 points with Sir Alex in his retirement pomp. A year later Utd managed to hold on to 7th place.,..
27/05/2014 13:42 BST