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Martha Lott

American Studies graduate with an interest in UK and American politics, history and film.

Graduate in BA (Hons) American Studies from Swansea University.

Why Everyone Needs To Have A Crappy Job At Least Once

It's not breaking news that having a degree doesn't guarantee you your 'dream job' straight from university, especially if you naively picked a humanities subject like me. I mean, American History, come on. (major eye roll).
13/09/2017 14:58 BST

If You Liked Stranger Things You Will Love These 5 TV Shows

So now you're probably feeling the withdrawal symptoms and aimlessly searching Netflix to fill that nostalgic 80's-themed hole that's missing in your life. If this sounds like you then these are the best TV shows you should definitely binge-watch next.
04/10/2016 17:28 BST

Five Times George Harrison Was Your Fashion Icon

The most underrated Beatle, George Harrison, proved to be one of the best dressed too. Not only was he a lyrical genius, creating the likes of 'Here Comes the Sun', 'Something' (my all time fave) and 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', he pulled off double denim effortlessly which is something we all wish we could do. Here's his top fives best looks.
04/10/2016 13:55 BST

Five Film References You May Have Missed In 'Stranger Things'

The Netflix original <em>Stranger Things</em> provides even us 90's and noughties babies who weren't around in the 80's a massive nostalgia trip. This captivating, 8 episode '80s-influenced sci-fi work of art is so binge-worthy most of us watched it within a day. What makes it so nostalgic for 80's kids and even the younger generation is the references of timeless films we most likely grew up watching as children. Here's the Duffer brother's best 5 references.
19/09/2016 12:54 BST

Was Ronald Reagan Really A 'Hawk'?

People will always associate Reagan with the Iran-Contra affair and class him as the ultimate 'hawk', but his peaceful beliefs and deep abhorrence for nuclear weapons often get dismissed. Reagan was considerably more 'dove' than 'hawk' and his legacy with nuclear achievements shouldn't get diminished by the unwillingness of conservatives to believe that Reagan was actually a peaceful president.
19/09/2016 12:43 BST