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Martin Drewry

Director of Health Poverty Action and Find Your Feet

Martin has a long background in the voluntary sector, initially as an award-winning grass-roots community development worker in the UK, before moving to international development. After a few years as national secretary of World Action, a pioneering Methodist programme enabling young people and adults to take action for social justice, he spent the next decade as head of campaigns at Christian Aid. Here he played leading roles in Jubilee 2000, Drop the Debt, the Trade Justice Movement and was one of the coordinators of Make Poverty History. Martin’s academic grounding came from the Bradford University School of Peace Studies in the mid-eighties, an experience he valued. He became director of Health Poverty Action in April 2006.
Five Reasons Donald Trump Is A Health

Five Reasons Donald Trump Is A Health Hazard

When Donald Trump tries to sneak in to the UK, be careful! This is a president that should come with a health warning. Here's five ways Trump is bad for public health around the world.
12/07/2017 17:20 BST
Moving Beyond UK Aid to Improve Health in Sierra

Moving Beyond UK Aid to Improve Health in Sierra Leone

The relationship between the UK and Sierra Leone is both historic and complex. It stretches back centuries - encompassing colonialism, and UK intervention in the civil war. Today the ties between the two countries remain strong - and not always in the ways most visible on the surface.
02/07/2015 11:54 BST
The Lies You Have Been Told About

The Lies You Have Been Told About Africa

$192 billion a year is being taken out of Africa by the rich world - almost six and a half times the amount of 'aid' it receives... Africa is not poor, but its people are being kept in poverty by a combination of inequitable policies, huge disparities in power, and criminal activities perpetuated and sustained by wealthy elites.
17/07/2014 16:54 BST
The Right to Health, the Forgotten

The Right to Health, the Forgotten Right?

As the world debates human rights this Blog Action Day, I'd hazard a guess as to which of the great human rights will get one of the lowest word counts. Well, let's try and raise it up a little. Health. Health. Health. Health. Health. Health. Health.
15/10/2013 13:47 BST
An NHS for the

An NHS for the World

The UK's National Health Service is sixty-five years old and the government seems intent on retiring it, on forcing it out of the work place, bit by bit. But the NHS was born out of values and principles that the passage of time can never defeat.
05/07/2013 15:44 BST
The Truth About Global

The Truth About Global Health

Human beings are amazing, they really are. We have created antiretroviral drugs, we have devised methods to prevent malaria and we have invented a treatment for tuberculosis. The technology we have created is incredible...
27/05/2013 00:46 BST
The UK Public Is Being Lied to About

The UK Public Is Being Lied to About Aid

Let's not call this payment 'aid'. Call it 'reparation'. Call it 'compensation'. Call it 'giving back a percentage of what we've stolen this year' - not snappy, but at least it'd be true. But not aid. Aid suggests charity, and we have no right to call it that.
06/05/2013 19:10 BST
Good Point, Prince

Good Point, Prince Philip

The Prince's joke that the Philippines must be empty because half the population work for the NHS was hardly tactful, but it does highlight an important issue: a huge number of trained health professionals are leaving poor countries each year for wealthy ones.
01/03/2013 17:39 GMT
Bill Gates Is

Bill Gates Is Wrong

Bill Gates has suggested that the Millennium Development Goals do not need updating. He is wrong. Here's why: Throughout the world, from Burma to Namibia, Somaliland to Laos, China to Nicaragua, there are communities of people marginalised by the societies in which they live and forgotten by international development organisations.
20/02/2013 17:51 GMT