Michael Betts

Fitness expert with over 30 years experience in exercise programming, management and education.

Michael is a director of TRAINFITNESS - https://train.fitness, a UK-based company which provides education and training in the fitness sector. Michael has been involved in the fitness industry for 30 years, having worked in many roles from group exercise, personal training, management and education. Michael's passion for exercise and fitness started at an early age, competing in Australian gymnastics, then moving onto competitive aerobics competitions. He has represented Australia at a world level in competitive aerobics when living in Brisbane, Australia.On moving to the UK in 1998, Michael co-founded TRAINFITNESS which was the first company to offer nationally recognised fitness related qualifications via eLearning. He was responsible for developing a bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and mobile app which allows students to study their course from anywhere at any time.Michael has a great passion for fitness and a believer that health, happiness and exercise go hand-in-hand.
Why Feeling Hungry Is A Good

Why Feeling Hungry Is A Good Thing

It's so easy to relieve ourselves of discomfort that it's now considered "not normal" to feel it, regardless of the cause. However, there is one cause of minor discomfort which can actually be good for us and that's hunger.
14/11/2017 11:31 GMT
Fighting Fake Fitness

Fighting Fake Fitness News

Fake news has certainly been a topic of much conversation of late. However, fake news is really nothing new. In the fitness industry, some people have been using "fake news" to promote the alleged benefits of their products and/or services for years. Ask anyone and they're sure to be able to name a few wild and crazy fitness fads from years past. Having been in fitness for over 30 years, I've seen more than my fair share.
20/09/2017 15:02 BST
Bone Broth For Healthy Body And Healthy

Bone Broth For Healthy Body And Healthy Mind

Bone broth is also hydrophilic which means it attracts water and digestive enzymes, thus aiding digestion. There are many cultures around the world which have used stocks and bone broths for medicinal purposes for centuries.
16/08/2017 13:57 BST
Five Minute Butt Busting

Five Minute Butt Busting Workout

Summer is here, and if you've not had your summer break, you'll no doubt be in the final stages of you beach body prep. So this week I've put together a super fast, butt busting workout based on our High Intensity Interval Training workout, T3 blast. This workout is ideally done 2-3 times per week for 3-4 weeks in order to get the best results.
18/07/2017 13:30 BST
Preparing For A Five Day

Preparing For A Five Day Fast

Since writing this article with my experience of doing a 5 day fast, I have had many questions about the process and what's required. To help anyone thinking of doing it, here are my recommendations to make sure you are fully prepared and to help guarantee your success.
12/07/2017 11:34 BST
Do You Really Need A Personal

Do You Really Need A Personal Trainer?

When it comes to deciding on a personal trainer, it's not just about deciding on whether to employ their services, it's about deciding on the type of personal trainer you need to work with in order to get the most out of the sessions.
04/07/2017 13:03 BST
Five Steps For Successful Goal

Five Steps For Successful Goal Setting

No accountability or consequences for quitting means people do not believe in the positives of their goals and their goals don't have any true meaning to them.
27/06/2017 11:10 BST
Pros And Cons Of A Five Day

Pros And Cons Of A Five Day Fast

As you will read in the article above, new research and suggestions about eating habits are always accompanied by very strong, and generally opposing opinions. As the research around the benefits is becoming more and more compelling, I thought I would give it a try. My aim was to see if fasting was difficult and if the pros out-weighed the cons.
19/06/2017 13:56 BST
Why You're Not Getting Results From Your Group Exercise

Why You're Not Getting Results From Your Group Exercise Workouts

You've been going to the gym regularly for at least a year and you love group exercise workouts; they're social and you can tick the exercise box on your list. The instructor is good, you know the moves and most of the time the music is ok. But while it's fun, you just don't seem to be getting results.
19/01/2017 13:02 GMT
Five Tips To Keep Off The Christmas

Five Tips To Keep Off The Christmas Pounds

It's that time of year when the parties are non-stop. There are work parties, drinks with friends, the big two - Christmas Day and New Year's Eve - and all the fun and frivolities in between. While it's the season to be jolly, one downside is we're going to consume far more calories than we would normally and probably gain, hopefully just a little and not too much, unwanted body fat.
05/12/2016 13:35 GMT