Nicholas Mazzei

Head of Digital Strategy

You'll find me advocating for children in poverty and those boys and girls from less affluent backgrounds. I believe in creating opportunities for everyone and dealing with root causes of poverty through education and mentoring. I believe companies have a responsibility to improve the societies in which they operate. Before this challenge, I was a British Army Officer with 11 years extensive leadership experience in politically sensitive and demanding environments. .

Are You A Global Citizen?

British, European and American politicians will have to manage groups who see the world in very different ways, protect their jobs and enable them to live their lives in a rapidly changing, digital economy where success means less barriers to travel and trade. Trump and Brexit won their elections on the back of declarations to protect those who see their future within a less open state, that they can recreate the world before globalisation and that international free trade has damaged their lives. It's a gamble which is unlikely pay off.
20/03/2017 15:25 GMT

Ten Simple Political Predictions For 2017

Boris Johnson won't last another six months as Foreign Secretary. There will be too many conflicts between himself and Theresa May and something will have to give. Mrs May isn't going anywhere, so it'll be Boris. Where he'll go though is anyone's guess...
25/12/2016 23:27 GMT

How Employers Can Support Volunteering In The UK

As we approach Christmas, employers need to think hard about giving their employees time to volunteer and ensuring they are free to serve these causes. The Skills Exchange is an excellent organisation to work with, and BT are keen to help employers learn about effective ESV.
12/12/2016 15:45 GMT

All Hail the Ungrateful Youth Voter

Today's youth aren't perfect, but without them there will be no future for Britain. Instead of weighing them down with our debts, we should be enabling them to build prosperity for the future, for us and for them. We want them here in Britain building this prosperity.
12/07/2016 10:49 BST

The Conservatives - We are the Nasty Party

We aren't carrying out tough love anymore. Now, we are carrying out acts that are arrogant, short-minded and unnecessarily painful to people in the UK, who are starting to see our party for what it is. Nasty.
10/04/2016 20:46 BST

10 Simple Predictions for UK Politics in 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will still be leader of the Labour party and will be more popular (within his party) than ever. He'll try to move more mainstream and will do what he can to pull in moderate MPs to work with him, but his electorate will resist him and ultimately, he'll fail because it's not what his supporters want. While he gets safer...
30/12/2015 11:15 GMT

Let's Build a Vision for London

Candidates need to stop playing it safe and start playing it exciting, challenging and risky. Build a vision and sell it to Londoners and they'll vote in droves. Keep it dull and safe, and you'll not pull in the vote.
26/10/2015 10:13 GMT

An Open Letter to Boris Johnson - Ending Elitism in British Politics

I asked you, very clearly, "what are you doing to encourage candidates from a wider background?" and you gave me no answer. How about a truly open process, with debates at all levels of the party? How about ensuring that anyone who has campaigned for at least the last year can enter, with the initial selection done through local chairpersons?
25/06/2015 11:41 BST

If I Were the Mayor of London

I have over the last few years become angry at a minor elite in politics, pushing out the regular person, the little guy. So I have decided to throw my hat in and try and be selected as the Conservative candidate for London Mayor.
20/05/2015 10:42 BST

The End of Feminism

The reason why I believe this is simple; feminism has managed to achieve a lot for women but the last final push to full equity between the sexes requires greater engagement from men and feminism is utterly unequipped to do this.
11/05/2015 11:07 BST

How We and Protein World Confuses Beauty With Fitness

The issue is not fat shaming. Protein World is right that people should aspire to be healthier and we do have a huge issue with obesity. The issue here is the view from the company that you have to look like this stunning (and she is stunning, in my view) model to go to the beach.
29/04/2015 14:34 BST

Is Katie Hopkins Saying What Many of Us Are Thinking?

Katie Hopkins has an undiplomatic but pertinent point about the NHS. The dementia charities, instead of getting on their high horse, should be saying "we need to treat dementia sufferers differently and with dignity".
08/04/2015 23:10 BST

We No Longer Have Homes - Someone Else Has an Investment and You Live in It

It is critical for the government (which party it will be) to look at this renting problem in London and the rest of the UK. While I do not want to see rental control, the obscene charges put in place and unscrupulous methods employed by landlords is driving good, hardworking people to despair.
27/03/2015 11:00 GMT

I Have a Confession - I Believe in Coalition

This parliament is not perfect. There are major issues remaining around defence and the NHS. However, surely another five years of this is better than years of unstable minority government based on only a minority of voters? Maybe even better than a government led by one party, but still with less than 50% of the vote.
16/03/2015 11:27 GMT