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Nicky Clark

Writer, campaigner and carer

I'm a freelance writer and carer. I've written for The Guardian, C4 News Website, Liberal Conspiracy and Mencap Magazine. I've appeared regularly on BBC Breakfast, C4 News, Sky News,Channel 5 News, BBC- R2, R4, R5live and featured in in The Observer, The Independent, The Telegraph, Daily mail and The Mirror. I'm a media talker on disability rights for The National Autistic Society, Scope and Mencap and a Scope supporter.
Why I Am Donating My First Jane Austen £10 To Women's

Why I Am Donating My First Jane Austen £10 To Women's Aid

I want to thank Women's Aid. I'm crying as I write this because if ever there was a definition of love, their organisation is the physical manifestation of it. We survived our situation because my father left and later married someone else. But many women have to flee or die.
28/09/2017 17:12 BST
Mrs Mountable on 'The Comedy Cannibal at

Mrs Mountable on 'The Comedy Cannibal at Large'

As I have detailed previously to my loyal and widespread following, my loyalties to the once proud and unbowed David Cameron have taken a turn for the faltering, since I became au fait with the silver fox, and silver tongued, plain speaker Nigel Farage...
07/11/2014 12:43 GMT
Ban Feminism and Save

Ban Feminism and Save Yourselves

Good lord so I see <strong>this</strong> is <a href="" target="_hplink">happening</a>... I was hoping that it was just more nonsense ranting from the left winged BBC but no. I'm sad to report dear friends, it's all true. Jane Austen writer of books and adaptor of Pride and Prejudice for those BBC "people", is I see, going to be added to the ten pound note.
31/07/2013 14:05 BST
Mrs Mountable Loves The Daily

Mrs Mountable Loves The Daily Mail

It's all there. Showbiz, make up tips, political news and many, many articles on how women have let themselves age, gained weight and caused the breakdown of society by not remaining at home to raise their offspring or indeed not having children at all, which is of course very wrong of them.
07/04/2013 18:53 BST
Stop Bullying, Ian (Iain) Duncan

Stop Bullying, Ian (Iain) Duncan Smith

It maybe unpopular with namby pamby lefties but Ian (I've corrected for him) is absolutely correct. People who drain the decent, kind hearted, unselfish, right thinking, tax payers filled coffers of this great country such as my Tory husband, need to be reminded of a few FACTS.
01/04/2013 18:25 BST
Kathleen Is a Fat-Calfed

Kathleen Is a Fat-Calfed WHORE

Piers my one true love, my Lord of Loveland, my bastion of succour, my dream boat of the Cuddling Line, has been bedazzled and enchanted by the whore of Babylon. His assistant, Kathleen.
27/03/2013 15:28 GMT
Mrs Mountable Broadcasts Her

Mrs Mountable Broadcasts Her Team

As I'm sure you'll be delighted to know I have taken to the airwaves in an effort to bring common sense and rationale back to the lefty nonsense that most of our media is saturated with ad nauseum.
14/03/2013 11:59 GMT
A Few Thoughts on

A Few Thoughts on Perverts

<strong>Mrs Mountable writes:</strong> I see the issue of banter in word and deed, otherwise known as, so called, work based, sexual harassment has raised it's head in the news again. The time has come for me to speak on this issue as there are several girls utterly missing the point on this issue.
01/03/2013 15:52 GMT
Mrs Mountable Shares Her Parenting

Mrs Mountable Shares Her Parenting Tips

<strong>Mrs Mountable writes:</strong> Girls, I assure you there is no need to make yourselves feel all worked up. If the good Lord had wanted Daddy's to read to children he would have made books a bit more complicated.
22/02/2013 14:46 GMT
Winterbourne Is Not the Only

Winterbourne Is Not the Only View

The key in all this is to remember that it's not so called "challenging behaviour" it's actual challenging behaviour. My coccyx and fingers have been broken not "so called broken" but actually broken. Because that's what caring for someone with challenging behaviours is like. Not "so called" like, actually like.
29/11/2012 17:29 GMT
No Prime

No Prime Minister

Disabled people, the rightwing press tell us, are "responsible" for the vast majority of the nations problems. As they claim benefits for disabilities, impairments and illness they are, we are told, scroungers liars and thieves in the majority with genuine claimants forming only a tiny minority.
10/01/2012 14:55 GMT