Nik Darlington

Journalist and historian

Nik Darlington started his career as a management consultant in London, specialising in higher education strategy (including tuition fees), media (monetising online content) and telecoms pricing. Since leaving consultancy he has written widely on politics, current affairs, history and sport for a number of online and print publications, as well as writing book and cultural reviews for The Spectator website. There is a book or two in him somewhere but he probably spends too much of his time playing cricket to find them anytime soon.

Politicians are Ignoring the Plight of the Great British Pub

Minimum alcohol pricing is the right step towards reversing the increasing trend of drinking at home, although some doctors claim that the base price is too low. On beer duty, however, it appears pubs will have to dig into their own pockets again for the next round. The Treasury is certainly not buying it.
29/08/2011 02:15 BST

Muslim Students cry Usury to Avoid Interest on Student Loans. Is This Fair?

If Muslim students do not want to pay interest on their student loans because doing so would contravene their faith, then I have some sympathy for them. However, we cannot have a situation in which some graduates end up paying less because they happen to observe a different religion to their peers.
23/08/2011 13:30 BST

David Cameron Pleads for Cesc Fabregas to Stay at Arsenal

David Cameron professes to be an Aston Villa fan but clearly for him in football as in politics, the national interest trumps tribal loyalties. Moreover, considering the dire state of the Spanish economy, the 40 million or so euros that Fabregas might cost Barcelona could probably best be put to use at home rather than being exported to Britain.
26/07/2011 12:01 BST

If Ed Balls Wants to Watch Cricket at Lord's, Good on Him

If politicians, whoever they might be, want to take some time off to go to the cricket we shouldn't point fingers at them, we should applaud them and be thankful that the smug killjoys haven't killed off every last pleasure afforded to those who give up private lives for public service.
22/07/2011 22:35 BST

Winnie the Pooh can Teach the Government A Thing or Two About Environmental Planning

The author of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne, once said that 'organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up'. This coalition government has demonstrated a boldly pragmatic and non-ideological mindset since taking office. Nevertheless, there is a danger that on planning, the Government is ideologically dismissing an integrated approach in favour of extending responsibility to communities. Localism is great for running a local park, but it cannot provide integrated national solutions to the big environmental challenges facing the UK.
14/07/2011 11:45 BST

The Layman's Guide to the Last Ever News of the World

After 168 years in the business, the terminal edition of the News of the World is weighed down by more than the gravity of the present situation. It is steeped in history, humour, hurt, hubris and boundless self-congratulation.
12/07/2011 12:58 BST