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Nikki Armytage

Leadership Coach and founder of Electric Woman

Nikki Armytage-Foy is a leadership coach at and founder of the Electric Woman which has been created to inspire women to lead their lives with more confidence and power.

Why I'm Holding a Goddess Ceremony at Stonehenge for My Hen Do

If you'd asked me five years ago what I thought my hen-do would have been like I would have said champagne, Ibiza, new bikinis and a weekend of debauchery. Instead I'm going to be in the middle of Stonehenge, banging drums, dancing like a wild woman and honouring my inner goddess with a ceremony led by a Shamanic practitioner and pagan priestess. It's on Friday and I can't wait!
03/03/2016 10:50 GMT

Five Characteristics of Women Who Give Back

Those who give back are calmer, more focused and their presence is more powerful. They are ready to take on anything, nothing is too big. They are called to lead. Life begins to flow...
09/02/2015 12:47 GMT

Radical Self-Care Changed My Life

It was a radical act to put a stop to my busy and (on the surface) 'successful' London life as I knew it, by moving away for a year with nothing but an image of a bed and yoga mat for company. It was an act of inspiration - and desperation.
08/12/2014 15:32 GMT

Female Friendships: What Every Woman Knows but Won't Admit

Girls learn early on that friendship can be used as a weapon. Of all the playground insults "You're not my friend any more" cuts the deepest. Underneath it all, so many of us are still six years old, terrified of being given the cold shoulder, of not being allowed to join in the cool girls' games.
23/08/2013 13:00 BST