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Oli Monks

Founder of Place with Purpose

Oli Monks is an entrepreneur and Founder of Place with Purpose, which creates spaces in which neurodiverse communities can thrive – an initiative inspired by his brother Nicky, who is autistic. Oli’s expertise lies in creating collaborative working environments in which all individuals can flourish. A Management and Entrepreneurship graduate, Oli is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University. A fellow of the RSA, Oli is also a youth facilitator and speaks and writes regularly on issues concerning employment, mental health and autism.
Neurodiversity: The Opportunity In The

Neurodiversity: The Opportunity In The Workplace

<img alt="everybody banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Autism apparently costs the UK £32bn per year but autism need not be a drain. The conversation must change from what it costs to what a neurodiverse workplace and society can contribute. What incentives can we provide employers?
05/10/2017 15:36 BST
Autism: Can't We Just Be

Autism: Can't We Just Be Reasonable?

If we are all to start improving things, it's not going to take any fundamental changes in laws but simple, practical steps in our own lives that will make a HUGE difference. What can these be?
21/09/2016 11:50 BST