Oliver Warren

Fashion & documentary filmmaker, rookie writer of TheBackseatDirector and total film lover

Oliver is a fashion and documentary filmmaker and the MD of the London-based digital film production company Dingo Bill Productions, where he produces and directs work for the likes of Nike, Garnier, Toni & Guy and Heineken.

After one particularly jaw-dropping viewing of the Oscar-nominated War Horse in January 2012, Oliver felt so impassioned by his dislike of the movie that he felt compelled to set up his own movie review site TheBackseatDirector, giving him a chance to vent at and exalt films as he sees fit, with wit, wry observations and a healthy dose of pop-culture references.

In between all of this, Oliver’s desperately trying to complete his debut screenplay but keeps finding far too many avenues for procrastination (hello Huffington Post blog!) to get it down.