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Paul Adam Mudd

Grandfather | Mindfulness Author | Huff Post, Thrive Global & Medium Writer | WellBeing & Well Doing Influencer | Leadership Provocateur | Savvy Thinker | Disrupter

We don't know what we don't know and that intrigues me. We live in a highly complex, interconnected, interdependent, interrelated world. Life is so complex that we will probably never completely understand it, yet I'm a great believer in elegantly simple solutions. I'm an advocate of open space technology and making the complex less complex, the tough stuff not so tough, &, putting the unreachable within the reach of everyone. I'm also a great believer in getting the midfield right. In addition, I'm author of ‘Uncovering Mindfulness: In Search Of A Life More Meaningful’ available on Amazon and from; the ‘Coffee & A Cup of Mindfulness’ series, the ‘Mindful Hacks For Mindful Living & Mindful Working’series, &, the 'From Mindfulness With Love'series which is also available on YouTube. I work with business leaders, organisations and individuals in support of change, leadership excellence and introducing Mindfulness and write about all of that stuff too. As well as Wellbeing and Well doing. You can find out more about me at and you can follow the continuing journey Uncovering Mindfulness and related jazz on Twitter @TheMindfulBook and @Paul_Mudd
Do You Want To Live To

Do You Want To Live To 100+?

On the Japanese island of Okinawa, which prior to 2000 had the longest life expectancy of all the prefectures in Japan, to live a healthy and happy life to over 100 remains commonplace, and any centenarian can readily name their <em>Ikigai</em>.
30/08/2017 15:41 BST
Sleep, Perchance To

Sleep, Perchance To Dream

I routinely get between <strong>7 and 8 hours sleep</strong> a night, but is it <em>good sleep</em>? You know, the kind that refreshes and restores, because to be frank, I don't always bounce out of bed each morning feeling fully rested and powered up ready to go.
21/03/2017 13:19 GMT
How To Replace Your Self-Doubt With

How To Replace Your Self-Doubt With Self-Worth

But if we feel vulnerable and open to criticism, or are knocked-back by even the smallest of set-backs, then it is all too easy to believe that we're powerless to act, incompetent, unable to relate, and doubt our-self in every area of our life.
09/03/2017 16:44 GMT
East Meets West: Lessons In Wellness From

East Meets West: Lessons In Wellness From Japan

Neither would it seem that this is a one-off seeking to encourage <em>wellbeing</em> across Japanese society. The country has more than a wee bit of a track-record in trying out novel and innovative approaches to promoting general wellness.
07/03/2017 13:45 GMT
Seven Reasons You Need A Little Sisu In Your

Seven Reasons You Need A Little Sisu In Your Life

Sisu is a Finnish term that can't be readily translated into English, but is a derivative of the word Sisus which quite literally means the internal organs (or guts), of either an animal or a person.
20/02/2017 14:43 GMT
Do We Want Our Children To Be

Do We Want Our Children To Be Mindful?

That we should be investing early in the lives of our children is for me, a no-brainer! It's a fundamental given in helping them to grow-up to become independent, vital, creative, collaborative, resilient, resourceful, productive and happy adults.
06/01/2017 12:14 GMT
New Year New You - Sainthood Or

New Year New You - Sainthood Or Selfhood?

Sixteen hundred years ago, Augustine left behind Selfhood for Sainthood. Mindfulness of course isn't a short-cut to Sainthood, but starting this year it might just help you to find your Best Self!
04/01/2017 13:53 GMT
Music Maestro,

Music Maestro, Please!

They are getting the inside track on developing an emotional and social skill for living smarter, happier and healthier lives. They are developing their resourcefulness and building their resilience. They are clearing their minds, focusing their Attention and tapping into their creativity and ingenuity.
29/11/2016 11:41 GMT
Can Mindfulness Help Kick Diabetes Into

Can Mindfulness Help Kick Diabetes Into Touch?

A wee while ago, I spoke at a professional development event at the BBC in Glasgow on Mindfulness and Leadership. Whenever I talk about any aspect of Mindfulness, be that the personal or the professional, I always provide the evidence-base. The Why, not just the What and the How!
07/11/2016 11:34 GMT