Paul C. Watson

Ex-coach of Pohnpei and Federated States of Micronesia national football team, author of Up Pohnpei and Sports Editor at The Positive

Paul Watson was born in Lethbridge, Canada in 1984. He grew up in Bristol and studied Italian at the University of Leeds. After graduation he worked on Channel 4's Football Italia website, ran a satirical website called Back of the Net and co-wrote a radio show for Radio 5 Live. He lives in West London. He became the youngest international football manager on record when managing Pohnpei.
Can a Foreigner Lead a National Football

Can a Foreigner Lead a National Football Team?

The harder I tried to create an English football team on a small Micronesian island, the less I achieved. It was only when I understood that I had to learn from the players as much as I had to teach them that things started to happen. A national football team is a crucial statement of national identity - it must represent its people.
16/02/2012 22:16 GMT