Rhea Silva

Rhea is 24-years-old and the founder of Chototel, the global social impact business helping those in housing poverty

Rhea Silva, 24, is a social entrepreneur working on a global, market-driven solution to housing poverty. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Rhea moved to London in 2015 to kick-start her social impact business, Chototel.

In 2015, Rhea completed her BA in Business Management from St. Xavier’s College, one of India’s top universities, and is currently pursuing a degree in law at the Government Law College, Mumbai.

Prior to founding Chototel, Rhea gained experience in the real-estate and hotel sectors as a managing partner in her family’s business, Teresa Lin Realty LLP (TLR). TLR partially owns a 280-room hotel, and currently holds assets of approximately £25million.

Prior to this, Rhea has had experience working with startups, having previously headed the fund raising and business development sections of two startup ventures, Fabelizer and Xeco. Fabelizer produces animated films for children, while Xeco is a marketing and advertising agency specialising in the real estate sector in India.

Having experienced the effects of the global housing crisis first-hand, Rhea took her experience of real-estate, hotels and entrepreneurship and founded Chototel in 2015.