Rob Davidson

Co-founder of Scientists for EU, Healthier IN, and TradeDealWatch.

Rob Davidson is co-founder of Scientists for EU and Healthier IN, pro-EU campaigns set up to broaden the debate of the UK's EU referendum. These campaigns continue in order to fight for as close a relationship as possible between the UK and EU post-Brexit. He also founded Trade Deal Watch to monitor the 'fast deals' promised by right-wing Conservative ministers post-Brexit.
He is a scientist who got his PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and who has worked at the University of Birmingham. He also worked for the open science journal GigaScience, based in Hong Kong where he promoted open data as a means of making science more efficient and more honest.
In Hong Kong he set up the Bauhinia Genome Project, Hong Kong's first crowd-funded, citizen genomics project.
Targeting International Students Is Still Damaging For

Targeting International Students Is Still Damaging For Everyone

When Amber Rudd recently announced that she would be continuing the purge of international students started by Theresa May, my heart sank. Brexit has already damaged universities and their ability to attract students and staff... To continue to include students in immigration targets would be to pursue an economically damaging, right wing ideology, based on dodgy evidence, against expert advice and without a mandate. Surely Brexit has enough of that already?
17/10/2016 09:30 BST