Rob Delaney

Comedian, writer and author

Rob Delaney is the author of Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Turban. Cabbage. published by Blackfriars.

Rob Delaney is a father, a husband, a comedian, a writer. He is the author of an endless stream of beautiful, insane jokes on Twitter. He is sober. He has bungee-jumped off the Manhattan Bridge. He is sometimes brave. He speaks French. He enjoys antagonizing political figures, powerful retailers and the Kardashians. He played Sir Lancelot in Camelot. He has battled depression. He is funny as s***. He cleans up well. He and Margaret Atwood have a thing going on Twitter. He is lucky to be alive. Rob Delaney has been named the ‘Funniest Person on Twitter’ by Comedy Central and one of the ‘50 Funniest People’ by Rolling Stone. He writes for Vice and the Guardian. This is his first book.

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