Robbie Crow

Charity professional based in Scotland

Robbie is a UK charity professional and public speaker specialising in disability equality, young peoples’ issues, events management, and organisational change and development. He has over 10 years’ experience in the charity sector ranging from entry level to strategic leadership positions and holds a first class honours degree from the University of Stirling. Robbie can be followed on twitter, contacted via LinkedIn, or booked via his website.

The Three Problems Facing the Charity

The Three Problems Facing the Charity Sector

One of the most common questions that charitable organisations are asking future employees at interview is <em>"what do you think are the biggest challenges facing the sector at the moment?"</em>. Yes, there are the answers that everyone gives, such as <em>"we're just coming out of a recession. There is no money"</em>, but I like to think out of the box. Here are the answers I like to give.
13/01/2016 10:42 GMT
Why Praising Normality Isn't

Why Praising Normality Isn't Good

Disabled people don't need praise for accomplishing something that a non-disabled person would, too. They, just like everyone else, should be praised for doing something they enjoy; anyone should be given praise for doing something they enjoy and not letting their own personal difficulties stop them.
18/11/2015 12:22 GMT
Youth Discrimination on Charity

Youth Discrimination on Charity Boards

Young people are the future of this country, and they are the future leaders of the third sector. Surely the quicker we can encourage and mentor them, the better?
18/09/2015 11:18 BST
Disability and Graduate Job

Disability and Graduate Job Hunting

Being born with a visual impairment is often portrayed as being a disadvantage, I'd argue to the contrary. Ignoring the fact that companies have quotas to meet, let's consider the skills that having a physical impairment gives you.
13/09/2015 21:02 BST