Robert Simpson

Blogger with opinions... and possibly too much spare time on his hands

I'm 25, I'm a graduate and I'm in a dead end job where I constantly dream of better things. One of those being journalism, obviously it's not the reality I dream of, it's the glory and prestige of Watergate and having the opportunity to scale the journalistic heights that Samantha Brick recently reached.

My aim is to write interesting pieces about politics on both sides of the Atlantic and anything else that takes my fancy. My degree may have been in Politics but if I'm being honest I didn't exactly pay much attention during my time at Uni so what I know and what I write comes from hours of reading newspaper's, magazines and a load online.

I have an opinion but hopefully I write with a healthy level of objectiveness and thought, if not let me know the error of my ways as there's nothing I love more than a respectful disagreement. Just whatever you do keep my fat head out of it.