Ruth Holdaway

Chief Executive, Women in Sport

Chief Executive, Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation
Why We've Made a Man Our First Patron at Women in

Why We've Made a Man Our First Patron at Women in Sport

Not everyone will agree with our approach, and as a charity campaigning for change, we're comfortable with that. Challenging perceptions, creating debate and making the point that inequality in sport is as much an issue for men as it is for women may be controversial, but it's necessary if we are to truly transform sport for the benefit of every women and girl in the UK.
08/03/2016 17:05 GMT
You Kick Like a

You Kick Like a Girl

'You kick like a girl'... from unfounded insult to accolade in a matter of weeks. Why? Because thanks to the FIFA Women's World Cup and the BBC's coverage of it, more audiences have been able to watch or listen to, enjoy and celebrate women's football than ever before this summer. Steph Houghton and her England teammates have certainly been putting on a show in Canada...
29/06/2015 11:29 BST

Coming First

Being first does make you a winner - and this weekend, on Boat Races day, there are many winners - Oxford, Newton, Helena, the BBC, equality, the list goes on. The question now is who will be the next big pioneer? Women's sport is waiting for you...
15/04/2015 10:28 BST
For the Future of Women's Sport, We Need

For the Future of Women's Sport, We Need Collaboration

If I get my job right, one day the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation won't need to exist, because we'll have achieved full gender equity for the sector. That day isn't here yet, but we're working towards it and the partnerships and collaborations we form will help us get there.
11/09/2014 16:17 BST
All Eyes on Brazil - But What About Women's

All Eyes on Brazil - But What About Women's Football?

There are plenty of utterly brilliant women's footballers out there. It's now about raising the overall standard and ensuring that the best female footballers in the country don't have to balance their commitment to their sport with full or part time work elsewhere. They all need the time and the financial security to be able to focus on their game. The men at the top of football get this, so why don't the women?
22/06/2014 23:41 BST
Sport Needs More Women in Its

Sport Needs More Women in Its Boardrooms

We understand this isn't a simple mission, but it's not happening in isolation either. Individuals like Sheryl Sandberg and organisations such as Women on Boards are working hard to change the dominant leadership mentality in the corporate world, while we will continue to lead the call for sport to open its doors to women and girls at every level, from the field of play to the boardroom.
11/05/2014 22:58 BST
Women's University Boat Race - Henley's Last

Women's University Boat Race - Henley's Last Hurrah!

Boat Race day has become a day to savour and I always, without fail and with a loyalty I cannot explain, support Oxford. A graduate of Birmingham University and with a family connection to Cambridge, I have no idea why it's the dark blues that I cheer on enthusiastically every year, but I do, and it will never change.
31/03/2014 12:15 BST
Why WSFF Is Saying Yes to

Why WSFF Is Saying Yes to Success

On International Women's Day, the sun warmed the streets of London for the first time in months; the perfect day then to make my first visit to the Olympic Park since those halcyon days of 2012. Little did I know, I was about to relive the magic.
28/03/2014 11:49 GMT