Ruth Kudzi

Success and self care coach for mums who want to live the lives that they desire by creating or developing their own business.

Ruth Kudzi is a Business and Mindset coach who specialises in working with mums who want to start up or develop their own business.

She is passionate about empowering mums to create the lives they want to live through developing a more flexible way of working.

Ruth was a Senior leader in Secondary schools but choose to set up her own business when she was pregnant with her second child whilst working full time with a toddler in tow.

She made the decision to change her career and do what she loved which has enabled her to have a better work / life balance and be happier and more relaxed.

She has a BA in Psychology & Management studies, a MA in Psychology and numerous coaching qualifications including a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, a Diploma in Small Business Coaching and is completing her postgraduate certificate in coaching.

She is obsessed about being the best coach that she can be for her clients and is currently working with a high performance coach and is focused on how these principles can help her clients.

To find out more about how to work with Ruth look at her website
Is Wanting To Help Other Mums

Is Wanting To Help Other Mums Discriminatory?

I know there are loads of women who aren't mums who I could coach, I could choose to work with people who are struggling to conceive or who don't want kids. However, this is not my reality and I believe when you are a coach you are meant to work with a certain group of people. For me, my tribe is other mums.
15/05/2017 14:06 BST
Can We Really Have It

Can We Really Have It All?

I really didn't think that my generation had to worry about those choices that I saw my mum making. It was only after speaking to my NCT group that I realised I was the only one who was planning to return to full time work. When I looked at my friends who had kids very few of them were working full time.
02/05/2017 15:11 BST
How My Kids Have Helped My

How My Kids Have Helped My Business

It is a pretty old cliche that we learn from our kids as much as we teach them. As someone who spent 12 years in education I know this is true when you think about older children, but I have learnt so much in the last 2 1/2 years of motherhood and what I have learnt has helped me in my business.
06/04/2017 12:21 BST
Why We Are Making Such A Fuss About Flexible

Why We Are Making Such A Fuss About Flexible Working

The reason that flexible working is so popular with mums (and dads) is because you have to confront what you are doing when you need to be at nursery at 6pm (or get fined every minute you are late). You can no longer pretend that your working habits are okay or workable.
03/04/2017 13:24 BST
How To Keep Sane Working From

How To Keep Sane Working From Home

It is the ultimate holy grail of many parents, to be able to work from home. We all see the adverts on Facebook offering a "laptop lifestyle" and with beautiful young women tapping away in gorgeous houses and I am sure I am not the only one who has a knowing smile.
19/03/2017 20:26 GMT
Why Maternity Leave Is The Perfect Time To Start A

Why Maternity Leave Is The Perfect Time To Start A Business

When I tell people I set up my business whilst I was pregnant and working full time (with a toddler) I usually get pretty polarised reactions. When I say I wished I had done it on my first maternity leave, reactions get more extreme.
02/03/2017 15:57 GMT
Kids Really Do Change

Kids Really Do Change You

To an extent this was true, although the music festivals now tend to be of the kid friendly variety, as do the restaurants and the holidays. I am happy about the changes but I would lie if I said it was an easy transition into parenthood. It is more like a seismic overnight shift.
21/02/2017 16:24 GMT
Why 2017 Is The Year Of Flexible

Why 2017 Is The Year Of Flexible Working

The solution for many mums is to start up their own business. Mumprenuers have a lot of bad press (and personally I hate that word). I am not talking about mums making candles in their kitchen (although there is nothing wrong with this). I work with professional women who want to use their skills and experience to create successful businesses.
15/02/2017 14:22 GMT