Sajda Mughal OBE

7/7 Survivor, Multi award winning community activist and counter extremism expert.

After having narrowly escaping death during the London terrorist attack on 7th July 2005, Sajda left her corporate background to now lead the multi-award winning women's charity JAN Trust in its work to educate communities to tackle extremism, marginalisation and violence against women and girls. Her work is at the forefront and continues to empower those from under-represented groups (particularly Muslim women) and provides a voice for women, combats violence against women, working towards countering terrorism, and providing young people with the tools to achieve their ambitions in creating a better and safe society. For the past decade, she has supported thousands of women and young people across the UK. Sajda's work and activism has received national and international recognition and she has been profiled in the Guardian, the Big Issue, Cosmopolitan, Red and Time Out Magazine. She has received a number of distinguished awards and was named 2015's "Ultimate Woman" by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Sajda has written comment pieces and appeared in printed press including the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, the Evening Standard, the Mirror, the Sun, Closer Magazine and the Huffington Post. She has appeared in a wide range of press including Channel 4 News, Sky News, CNN, ITV News, BBC News, BBC Radio 4's 'Today' Programme, BBC Woman's Hour, BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show, Channel 5 and ITV's Lorraine Show. Sajda is a member of a number of Advisory Groups for private companies, local authorities and with the Government including being part of the Prime Minister's Community Engagement Forum. She is an expert advisor with the online safety platform Internet Matters. She is regularly asked to speak on her 7/7 experience and countering extremism at conferences, universities, colleges and schools both at home and internationally. Sajda's work has also been noted and commended by various key dignitaries including the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, celebrities and various other Ministers. To learn more about Sajda and her work, visit