Artist. Dyslexic. Showoff.

Scottee is a 27-year-old performer, broadcaster, director and writer from Kentish Town, North London.

He has performed at and for some of the worlds most prestigious and pretentious audiences including Barbican, Royal Opera House, Tate Britain & Modern, Roundhouse, ICA and Royal Festival Hall.

As well as gracing the pages of Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Independent, i-D, W and Sunday Times Style, he was also included in i-D magazine's portraits by Nick Knight, won the title of Time Out Performer of 2010 and grabbed the covers of both Time Out London & Independent on Sunday in 2011.

Scottee has thrown cake at Rihanna on the X Factor in a performance he devised for her 'Only Girl In the World' performance, spat milkshake at Nick Grimshaw live on Radio 1 and sung a duet with Lisa Stansfield at a beauty pageant.

As a director, Scottee has earned his formative stripes with the Eat Your Heart Out performance collective and most recently with Amy Lamé's critically acclaimed 'Unhappy Birthday'. He is also an associate artist of Olivier award winning company Duckie, contributor to BBC London and i-D magazine and creator of the ‘beauty pageant for fat people’ Burger Queen, variety show Camp and presenter of monthly podcast Fifteen Minutes.

Broken limbs, police questioning and the loss of 100's of pairs of high heels feature heavily in his determination to please his audiences as well as a brash, clumsy, naff and obnoxious approach to light entertainment, leaving audiences elated, confused & covered in glitter.

- The Stage

'The edgy innovator'
- Independent on Sunday
Dapper No Longer

Dapper No Longer Laughs

I think he was totally aware of his actions and genuinely found them amusing but I think the motive behind all of this was far darker - a hunger for fame. Producing these pithy posts gained him followers - it's a short cut route to notoriety that the likes of the aforementioned Katie Hopkins know how to navigate.
12/11/2014 17:02 GMT
Dame Sally Davis and the Normalisation of

Dame Sally Davis and the Normalisation of Obesity

Sometimes people are just fat and happy - which is the sort of people Sally is most frightened of; those of us that stick two chubby fingers up to a world obsessed with the scrutiny of women's bodies, diets that promote starvation techniques and the idea that thinness is somehow related to successfulness. Obesity isn't curable if you don't want curing.
28/03/2014 09:45 GMT
My Moral Obligations to Non-existent

My Moral Obligations to Non-existent Debt

I'm being asked to pay back £1000 to a bank that has reportedly contributed to the national, if not global financial crisis, a bank who sold dead debt to profit from it. Who has the moral obligation to payback?
10/03/2014 13:22 GMT
Theatre Is White and

Theatre Is White and Wealthy

This homogenous, white-and-wealthy audience isn't exclusive to the NT though- in fact it's rife! Go to any of London's big art spaces and you'll find a similar demographic... but why? What is it about modern theatre that isn't reaching out and exciting a broader demographic?
24/10/2013 17:24 BST
Parents Need to Be Told: Katie Hopkins Knows Nothing About Fat

Parents Need to Be Told: Katie Hopkins Knows Nothing About Fat Kids.

Telling your child they are fat as Katie suggests could be more damaging than educating them about a healthy approach to food. We already live in a world where our bodies are scrutinized from such a young age, this suggested method of parenting only encourages body dysmorphic children.
14/10/2013 15:39 BST
The Worst of

The Worst of Scottee

We were able to find out things I've done to other humans - from suicide to AIDS and everything in between. I remember playing this back to the production team for the first time - it seemed like the dynamic in the room shifted a little as everyone was confronted with the effects of a lie I told aged 16.
22/07/2013 17:11 BST
The Death of Lucy

The Death of Lucy Meadows

Over 4000 people have signed an online petition calling for a public apology from the <em>Daily Mail</em> and for the Editor to sack Richard Littlejohn. I, however am indifferent if he loses his job at the Mail or not; he's a journalist and will find other avenues for his transphobic and homophobic rants
25/03/2013 17:10 GMT
The Price of Pop Has Fizz All to Do With My

The Price of Pop Has Fizz All to Do With My Fat!

We, as a society need to rethink how we treat obesity - medically and socially. Each day when I leave my house I am confronted by fat phobia - be it shouted from white vans or the huff and puffs of people forced to sit next to me on public transport. I am fully aware my body repulses some of you- but I don't care
21/02/2013 17:46 GMT
London Fashion Week - Are You Cool

London Fashion Week - Are You Cool Enough?

It's London Fashion Week - #LFW is trending on twitter, the BBC are pretending to have a clue what 'on the bias' means, everyone who's anyone is in the front row of something or other and I'm at home listening to Radio 4.
18/02/2013 21:41 GMT
The F Word -

The F Word - Feminism

Transphobic remarks from Julie Burchill in her Observer piece include talk about having nuts taken off because "its all most of them are fit to do", 'their relationship with their phantom limb" and various references to cutting things off and "expecting" privilege - I can't picture the situation in which the editor thought these were all reasonable, measured and insightful things to say...
14/01/2013 12:56 GMT
Camp (as

Camp (as Christmas)

With 'Camp', my new show at London's Roundhouse, I'm trying to carve out a space where things can be fun and I can experiment without being controversial in a vulgar or grotesque sense... and it's about coming to terms with my own effeminacy and a public proclamation of the things that have shaped me.
19/11/2012 23:26 GMT
There's No Accent in Show

There's No Accent in Show Businéss

It used to be that in order to get a job on the telly or in radio you had to speak the Queen's English. Now it seems Received Pronunciation is solely reserved for Radio 4. It wasn't always this way.
05/10/2012 16:29 BST
It's London Gay Pride (Minus the Floats, Parties and

It's London Gay Pride (Minus the Floats, Parties and Me)

Gay Pride is a day when people with peroxide blonde hair wear speedos whist blowing a whistle down Baker Street, an allocated day in the calendar you're allowed to be LGBT on the streets of London. But it was once much more than a celebration of rainbow flags made in China: it used to be political.
03/07/2012 16:51 BST
Are You on Twitter?

Are You on Twitter? #FollowMe

For this reason I love Twitter and freely share the ins and outs with my life with anyone who wants to follow me. Twitter allows you to revel in your own ego under the banner of 'keeping up to date with your friends lives' and for this I'm truly thankful, but underneath it all are we just procrastinating with hashtags?
25/06/2012 17:02 BST
Gay Marriage - An Issue of

Gay Marriage - An Issue of Conscience

The man in charge of the land of the free (not Donald Trump) rocked up to ABC News earlier this month and told America gay marriage should be legal.
25/05/2012 16:50 BST
My Love/Hate Relationship With the

My Love/Hate Relationship With the Critic

Critics have a bit of a reputation for watching your work with what locals up here would call 'a face like a smacked arse' but when I forced her to sit in my eyeline and wear a party hat like everyone else she looked engaged and even LOL'ed - why was I staring at her during the show as if I could predict her review or manipulate her experience?
22/05/2012 17:32 BST