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Suzi Dixon

Suzi Dixon has worked for newspapers for 20 years, for the Daily Telegraph, Western Daily Press, Wiltshire Times and Wiltshire Gazette & Herald. She went to university in Bournemouth and now runs, mentoring journalism students and giving them real-time experience. She is now freelance and a social media addict, named one of the top 100 journalists on Twitter. Tweet her @suzidixon77 if you are not a troll.

Is It January Yet? In My Head, Yes...

New Year's Resolutions seem to revolve around abstinence. Don't do this. Don't drink that. Don't you DARE eat that, else you will be this... It's actually a very negative concept if you approach it in that manner. The words 'don't' and 'shouldn't' aren't very helpful to anyone, let alone an anxious girl. I've learnt lately how powerful language can be.
22/12/2014 06:59 GMT

Spending Christmas Alone? You're Not Alone

There will be a least one or two dark winter days, and nights, when I will be on my own. And I'm sure I will be lonely. I work from home, so if I'm having a detox (which I am currently) I can go days without human contact. So I can imagine what it's like for housebound pensioners.
17/12/2014 01:38 GMT

Christmas Time Beside the Seaside

Think of Santa, think of the seaside? Most people don't! But Bournemouth residents (buoyed by the council's ambitious plans) enjoy winter as much as our scorching summer, with tonnes of Christmas fun for kids of all ages.
24/11/2014 13:30 GMT

An Open Letter to Rob Kardashian

I get family loyalty but don't pretend someone is infallible when they are not. Owning your mistakes is one of the most powerful things you can do in life. He cheated; she left. Action, reaction. It's the past but before you move on, learn from it.
07/11/2014 13:11 GMT

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

The latest tragedy in formula 1 - Jules Bianchi's horrific crash - has made me think - why do people do this? Why do people go to work somewhere that can harm, heal, or kill?
08/10/2014 17:17 BST

Is the Night-Life No Life for a Lady?

I get asked a lot why I still go to nightclubs even though I'm 35 and attached. Er, for the music, of course. I've never been one to view a night out as anything other than a chance to experience a vibe, and get excited about musical trends and the ongoing expansion of dance music, in its many forms.
29/09/2014 13:48 BST

Working Is Good for Your Wellbeing

Anxiety is a disease of the mind but it's not ALL in the mind. Telling someone having a panic attack to 'calm down' is frankly insulting. But I understand completely why some colleagues, and especially small business owners, don't or won't take it seriously.
16/09/2014 14:21 BST

We Need More Digital Angels

The fields of technology, digital marketing and web design are still male-heavy. Advertising, too. It is estimated that women control 80 per cent of the purchasing power, yet only 3 per cent of Creative Directors are women, meaning that consciously or not, agencies continue to market almost exclusively to men.
29/08/2014 14:51 BST

Tough Love? A Guide to Controlled Crying for Babies and Frazzled Mums

Research by American psychologists, published earlier this month, studied the sleep patterns of 1,200 children from birth to three years. Marsha Weinraub, professor of psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, said that alongside regular bedtimes, it was best for parents to not respond when their children call out or cry, especially after nine or 10 months of age.
23/01/2013 16:39 GMT

How to Get a Proposal in 10 Days

December is the peak month for wedding proposals and women across the country will be undoubtedly shaking any jewellery-shaped presents under the tree for a clue.
18/12/2012 11:37 GMT

Beautiful Bournemouth

Don't let winter keep you away from our marvelous seaside town. There is lots to keep the tourist and locals happy in the milder months and December, in particular, is the ideal time to get swept away by the unique atmosphere of Bournemouth.
29/11/2012 15:50 GMT

Top Tips for a Winter Getaway

Fancy some snow? Research shows there are a number of non-Eurozone countries for winter sports enthusiasts that with a stronger pound can be cheaper than the popular Eurozone destinations - so emerging ski destinations, such as Bulgaria and Romania, can shave hundreds of pounds of the cost of your break.
28/11/2012 11:58 GMT

Could You Handle a Three-Day Wedding?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel certainly don't do things by halves. Their Italian wedding turned into a three-day extravaganza at the beautiful Borgo Egnazia resort last month, leading to a debate over whether a one-day weekend is enough for 2013 brides.
22/11/2012 16:12 GMT