Tahir Nasser

Writer moonlighting as a Junior Doctor

Syed Muhammad Tahir Nasser is the science editor of The Review of Religions, social affairs commentator and medical doctor. He served as the UK President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association, organising national youth dialogues on issues such as terrorism, radicalisation and women’s rights. Tahir is a regular contributor and commentator in the national media.
An Open Letter to Revolting Labour

An Open Letter to Revolting Labour MPs

Trials and tribulations often expose the real mettle and character of people. This last week, we have seen how Corbyn has stood firm against a sea of opposition, unrelenting, on his democratic principles. Take heed, revolting MPs - your opposition to him is drawing not only public ire upon yourself, but public approbation and support for him.
30/06/2016 09:18 BST
Why the Refugee Crisis Is My Favourite Crisis of

Why the Refugee Crisis Is My Favourite Crisis of All

We would simply think and do what is best for others, as we would count them among our own kith and kin. And that's why this refugee crisis is my favourite crisis of all - because maybe, just maybe, it might teach us that our actions will return to us, if not today, then tomorrow.
23/09/2015 12:34 BST