Tracy Gladman

Education & Business Manager

With a real passion for working with and for children I have spent 20 years in education ranging from nursery through to FE, bringing a wealth of experience to The Worrinots brand. Having the very first app designed specifically for primary school children to help encourage them to speak out, seek self-help and coping mechanisms is the reason I left my teaching career. Knowing The Worrinots can help with early intervention for children across a number of settings from schools, social services, looked after children, the home and many more is where my knowledge and experience is now being channeled. Campaigning at all levels from Government to parents, I will continue to work to reach out to children to help educate them on the language around mental health and their emotions. Many mental health conditions in adults present their first signs in childhood, when left untreated they can result in long term, deep rooted issues that can require long term treatment.