Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor

Chairman of Lightsource Renewable Energy, the UK's largest solar energy company, Founder and Director of solar storage company Ampere and Former Commissioner of Spain's National Energy Commission

Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor is an internationally renowned environmental and energy expert, businessman and legal professional.

The former Chairman of Spain’s National Energy Commission, Vicente also launched the UK’s first solar power company, Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd which operates and maintains the largest portfolio of ground and rooftop mounted commercial solar panel installations in the UK.

Vicente is also a Founder and Director of Ampere Energy, a solar storage company.

Vicente is also on the Advisory Board of Accenture, is Vice President of Axpo Iberia, S.L. and Founding Member of the Spanish Observatory of Public Procurement (2011). He is President of “Estudio Jurídico Internacional”, an international law firm specializing in Energy and Public Economy Law

Vicente possesses an extensive academic profile having written articles for several journals and magazines. He is author of the book ‘Energy & Society’. He is also Member of the Eminent Persons Group on the “Atlantic Basin Initiative” of the Transatlantic Initiative of Johns Hopkins University. Vicente is President of the Working Group on “Energy Security in the Occident” of EALEDE (CESEDEN - Spanish Centre for National Defence Studies) and is current Professor of Energy Law at the Business School Club Español de la Energía.
He has written for such media outlets as Financial Times UK and Bloomberg