Virginia Stuart-Taylor

Award-winning travel blogger, linguist, Master's student of European Society & Politics, ambassador for One Young World and the children's charity Plan International UK

Aged 18 I travelled around Central America and East Asia and for the first time I saw people living in extreme poverty. My eyes were opened wide to the harsh realities of this world, and I couldn’t ignore what I had seen.

I returned to the UK to study Modern Languages and International Relations at university, analysing many of the global issues which I’d witnessed on my travels and which we tackle at One Young World.

Then after graduating, I founded my award-winning travel blog to inspire people to travel, explore and learn about this beautiful world. I write about travel experiences and use my blog as a platform to raise awareness about the amazing work of various NGOs, the One Young World movement and important issues such as children’s human rights.

Having volunteered with human rights and health charities, and through attending the 2013 and 2014 One Young World summits in Johannesburg and Dublin, I became a Digital Ambassador for the children’s charity Plan International UK, which aims to transform the lives of the world’s poorest children across Asia, Africa and Latin America. In spring 2016 I also lead a 4-month volunteer project in Nepal with Raleigh International, focusing on empowering women and young people through improving livelihoods.

In autumn 2016 I began a 2-year Erasmus Mundus Master's degree in European Society, Politics and Culture, and through my studies I hope to play a role in strengthening Britain's relationship with the EU in future.