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Writer, comedian and world class procrastinator

Comedian, Writer and World Class Procrastinator.
Time For A

Time For A Celebration?

This occurred to me as I was shopping for my ex-husband's Father's Day present. I have the pleasure of being mum to three children. Two of whom were fathered by my ex-husband and my third little angel is the child of my current husband.
19/06/2017 11:45 BST
March Like

March Like Marion

There is an image from the past week that I just cannot shake. It's Marion Kelly kicking open that door when her dad had a really important Skype call. She kicks open that door and she marches in like an absolute boss. She OWNS that room and I love her for it. It is just brilliant.
22/03/2017 12:20 GMT
Feelings, Hormones and

Feelings, Hormones and Terrorism

I thought it would get easier as they get older but it doesn't. They ask more questions, have opinions and need to discuss their feelings. Ante-natal classes covered how I felt. Not them.
16/06/2016 10:19 BST
Busy Week for Mum

Busy Week for Mum Skills

This was Saturday evening. I'd been a taxi driver, a chef, a waitress, a nurse, a gamer and a handyman by this point. I'm by no means an expert but it does make me think that some of the stuff they teach you in ante natal classes are absolutely pointless.
11/05/2016 16:32 BST
Embrace the

Embrace the Shame

I do try to rationalise this shame. I wonder if it has been sent to me to help me understand what my mother went through and why she made her choices. She would have had to go through this 30 years ago and as a strict Catholic had other pressures on her too.
23/03/2015 17:35 GMT
No Massacre

No Massacre Valentines

He lifts the gun and takes a few shots. I thought this might be fun and a bit of a laugh and now I feel like I enlisted for a war when I was pissed and it's not funny any more. But I'm here and I've seen Sandra Bullock doing it on films. How hard can it be?
19/02/2014 21:25 GMT

Reluctant Feminist

I'm not sure if there is a cultural shift where it's ok to be demeaning to women or if it's just easier to access now. What I do know is that it is completely unacceptable. Now I'm far from a reluctant feminist. I'm a strident one.
18/06/2013 17:07 BST
Let's Start With Us Shall

Let's Start With Us Shall We?

I don't know why people bully others. The sense of power leaving someone shaking with fear must be a real high to people with very little going on in their lives. It saddens me and I really try to treat the spats my children have at school with the utmost gravity when they come to me.
04/12/2012 17:18 GMT

Poison Chalice

Chantelle Houghton now has a baby girl to look after. It's hard enough having a new baby without the stress she's going through right now. She won't let her cross-dressing ex see the baby. You couldn't make this up. It sounds like the plot of a bad soap-opera. Chantelle is still famous but I wonder if the fame she was after just feels like a poison chalice now.
04/10/2012 12:01 BST

Fashion Crisis

Last weekend I was thrown into a fresh new hell. I'm in my late 30s. On my way to a music festival in my 20s I would have thought about my three-day-wardrobe for weeks. In my late 30s with three kids to look after, it only occurred to me as I was packing.
23/09/2012 23:37 BST


I have spent the whole of these Paralympic games marvelling at these extra-ordinary, brave, inspirational human beings. There are blind guys playing football, a British female relay-team with cerebral palsy and David Weir who was described as the "greatest Paralympian of all time".
06/09/2012 17:13 BST

Black Beauty

I stumbled on a study by <em>The Washington Post</em> and The Kaiser Family Foundation about black woman and body image and it makes for interesting reading. While 41% of average-sized white woman report having high self-esteem, 66% of black women who are considered obese say they have high self-esteem.
12/06/2012 23:03 BST
Healthy Happy

Healthy Happy Mum

A working mother may be happier and healthier, but she also teaches her kids that you have to rely on yourself. You go out and get the money and provide for your family. Daughters learn that they work and sons learn that the women in their lives can have careers too - it's the norm.
10/04/2012 21:46 BST
Don't Tell the

Don't Tell the Kids...

The new baby is now six months and I have a confession to make. I find it a little boring. I love him and he's cute and I am happy to get up at 3am and rub Bonjela on his gums but my life is on hold at the moment.
12/03/2012 21:39 GMT
To Be a Better

To Be a Better Woman

This month has left me with a real desire to be a better woman. To shut my mouth when I'm thinking something negative and to try to be more understanding to what everyone else is going through. Hmmm. Alarming. That sounds almost like a New Year's Resolution.
13/12/2011 22:02 GMT
Techno Heaven or

Techno Heaven or Hell?

When we sit down at the end of the day to snuggle on the sofa after the kids have gone to bed, I might have a look at Twitter or Facebook. When Mr Wendy does this, it p*sses me off royally. Is my company not enough? Do you need to be talking to your 500 friends or 300 followers? Really?
14/11/2011 22:24 GMT
Celebrity Let

Celebrity Let -Down

When I was growing up, the celebrities I looked up to were actors and musicians. They were people who had sacrificed normal lives and showed up on red carpets looking glamorous.
08/11/2011 23:30 GMT
To C or not to

To C or not to C

What really winds me up is the smugness of mothers who give birth naturally and seem to think if you have had a C-section you somehow opted out. It's not the case. I don't believe anyone would rather have an extra five days in hospital and be sliced open.
02/11/2011 00:19 GMT

The Whirlwind

First of all let me apologise. It has been some time since I last blogged but I have been the victim of a delicious whirlwind. Everyone in my family has. On the 27th September - after a tricky birth - my youngest son was born.
16/10/2011 23:55 BST