Yossi Atias

General Manager IoT Security, BullGuard & Founder of Dojo Labs

Yossi Atias, General Manager IoT Security, BullGuard, & Founder of Dojo Labs, is an experienced technology executive and has been involved in several start-ups at an executive level and as a founder. He founded Dojo-Labs and PeekRTC and was also CEO of both companies. Previous positions within the industry include VP and General Manager of the Mobile Business Unit at PeerApp, General Manager Operations at Jajah, Head of OTT Strategy at Acme Packet, General Manager Nokia Israel and Nokia Networks and Technical Director at Lucent. Yossi holds a B.Sc. degree in IE, Information Systems and an MBA from Ben Gurion University, Israel.
The House That Learns: How AI Makes Smart Homes

The House That Learns: How AI Makes Smart Homes Smarter

AI in devices that has learned your habits can start to predict the experience that matches your needs in a given moment. So, for example, if everyone has left the house it knows not to turn on the lights. Or if you drive off to work, it will turn down the thermostat; and if everyone is out of the house, it knows to lock the doors.
14/09/2017 17:35 BST