18/12/2014 22:09 GMT | Updated 17/02/2015 05:59 GMT

16 Pups Who Are Dachshund Through the Snow

Dachshunds go by many names; doxies, sausage dogs, wieners but whatever you want to call them these mischievous little pups have just as many ways to steal our hearts! Here's another dose of cuteness from our mini little friends and it involves snow... Lots and lots of snow.

Check out these Doxies who are dachshund through the snow... no one-horse sleigh needed ;)

1. "I wuv the SNOW!!!"

Dachshund_in_snow Image via Wikimedia

2. "This snow stuff is so much fun."

weenie-puppy-in-snow Image via Gifsoup

3. "Dachsund system frozen... Please re-boot."

dachshund_snow Image via Just us Texas dachsies

4. This little sausage is actually dashing through the snow.

snow_doxie Image via Ammo the Dachshund

5. "I dug us a snow house, why don't you come in?"

Snow_dachshund Image via Flickr Hive Mind

6. Check out these ever-so-stylish snow twins. 


Image via Pinterest

7. "Has anyone seen my tail?"

dachshund-in-snow Image via Runnersami

8. "I was born in the snow, you merely adopted it." - Bane Dog

luke-in-snow-2-cadiar-nov-08 Image via Dachshund Luke

9. "Snow babies... follow me to warmth."

dachshund_snow Image via Hotdog Blog

10. "I was trying to pee, but it froze!"


Image via A place to love dogs

11. "Well tell them snow ties are the new must-have fashion item."

Dachshund_snow Image via Daily puppy

12. This little guy is looking almost as chilly as his snowy friend - hot water bottle, please!

Snow_puppy Image via Pinterest

13. "Do I have something on my nose?"

snow_dog_nose Image via Pinterest

14. "Erm, can we go home? My paws are cold."

Snow_dachshund Image via Pinterest

15. "I was looking for spring, but I can't seem to find it over here."

6457323839_ddbab93376_z Image via Flickr

16. It looks as if dashing is completely out of the question here!


Image via Flickr