12/08/2014 09:20 BST | Updated 11/10/2014 06:59 BST

Three Reasons Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work For Weight Loss

I've been helping people for the last 10 years overcome their phobias, fears and rid their bad habits, with more than 1.5 million downloads sold...

I specialise in nutrition, fitness and wellbeing and my no-nonsense approach to therapy means my concepts behind change can sometimes be controversial. I-practise-what-I-preach and I'm a strong advocate for those who follow their own advice, but I'm frustrated... especially when it comes to hypnotherapy and weight loss.

Having made the choice to specialise in weight (fat) loss early in my career it meant I was able to develop products such as The Hypnotic Gastric Band, which has now become a global phenomenon with many other industry leaders mimicking my original version, with the skills learnt within the military, my passion for fitness and the extensive training in self-development my approach it slightly different.


I-practise-what-I-preach and I'm a strong advocate for those who follow their own advice

I've been very fortunate to work on some truly amazing projects and with key inspirational leaders, this being said, I've seen a massive decline in the global effectiveness of hypnosis where weight (fat) loss is concerned. As the hypnotic community has become more commercially acceptable, the more this historic art and industry is failing to help those intended.

What do I mean?

Hypnosis for me is the best support mechanism when it comes to dealing with weight (fat) related subconscious issues, however it takes time to understand, develop strategies and theories based on the skill, application and development of the original material, but like all great "change" tools - they need to be supported by the person or additions as the founder intended, unfortunately with weight (fat) loss hypnotherapy and the wellbeing industry in general, those practising their arts fail to apply the skills themselves, this is one of the main reason hypnosis is failing those who need it the most.

Would you go to a tailor with poorly fitted clothing, a nutritionist that was overweight? Then why the self-help industry full of those with the same habit that their clients attempt to rid; smokers, obese, unhappy and struggling with depression - surely this doesn't make sense!

Weight loss hypnosis is a support tool but failing to implement a quality diet high in minerals and nutrients or organising your life in a way that supports weight (fat) loss will result in no/limited change.

It's like going on a meal replacement shake diet and complaining when the weight piles back on when consuming real food again - all three pillars, namely Nutrition, Fitness and Wellbeing, work hand-in-hand when it comes to effective and lasting weight (fat) loss. Fail to implement change in any of these three, and you're massively reducing your chances of success, with or without hypnosis.

Reason 1 Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work For Weight Loss

Nutrition isn't fully considered: failing to change your diet is failing to make the steps required for lasting change. Your body becomes what you consume - if you're serious about lasting change then remove all processed foods, refined sugars and saturated fats from your diet. The Internet is full of useful and well-documented strategies on how to improve your diet.

Reason 2 Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work For Weight Loss

Fitness isn't fully considered: although not as important as nutrition or overall feelings of wellbeing, it is a factor that needs to be implemented especially if new to your schedule. Moderate exercise three times per week is all that is required to kick start a healthy level of weight loss.

Reason 3 Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work For Weight Loss

People opt for the cheapest option, hypnotherapy is an art, something that takes a long time to perfect, where weight (fat) loss is concerned the cheapest option isn't always the ideal solution.

In summary it isn't that hypnosis or hypnotherapy doesn't work (it does and it's very effective), it's more that people should use it as a supportive tool and be fully aware that their diet and fitness are also large contributing factors. Remember healthy and lasting weight loss takes time, however when considering the investment of time it takes to add the weight (fat) it's considerably smaller - you have the choice to change your life for the better - take the action today... tomorrow will always be better.