01/09/2014 12:26 BST | Updated 01/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Five Ways to Reduce Unnecessary Stress


It would be amazing if you could just turn off the stress switch - using it when it's needed and turning it off when necessary - this amount of control takes a lot of practice, but until then you'll have to avoid any unnecessary stress.

You may be surprised how many stressors in your life that you're able to eliminate; here are five ways to reduce unnecessary stress that will kick-start your stress management plan.

Saying "no" is your right - we are taught from a young age that "no" is something negative, something that means we "cannot have", but in reality "no" as an adult is something very different. Learning to say no is something that every person has the right to say, using "no" mean that you have absolute control over the best outcome that meets your values and beliefs. It's only when you go against these that stress levels are increased.

You become like those you mix with the most - dissociate yourself from those who are stressful and consistently cause and increase in stressors. The more time you spend with stressful people the more their negative energy will eventually rub off on you. If you must spend time with them then ensure that you enter that situation or environment with a positive attitude.

Keep your environments positive - with so much negativity in the world and the media pushing ideals about what should and shouldn't be happening, it can be hard to avoid negativity - but the more you consciously avoid situations of negativity the less those negative ideals will culture your thoughts. When you awaken in the morning, spend a few moments visualising the day unfolding in a positive way.

Limit your opinions - we all have the right to an opinion, but when fluctuating stress levels are on the horizon, it's recommended to limit the ones that have the ability to change over time. The best opinions are those that you keep to yourself, know that by being reserved, you have the flexibility to change in-line with any further understanding you have on the subject.

Reduce your workload - there can be the temptation to increase your workload during times of stress to distract the mind from stress. Divide your time between what's essential and what's not. Where possible remove those that aren't required and enjoy the additional time.

Remember stress is perfectly normal, it's something that is natural and should be managed in the same way you control your bank-balance. The more you culture and educate yourself on these stressors the more you will be able to best utilise stress.

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