16/09/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 16/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Seven Surprising Signs You're Really Stressed and Exactly What to Do to Change It


Stress can take many forms; it isn't specific to an individual and has the ability to manifest in to many other types of illnesses...

STRESS MYTH: Stress can't be boxed, resolved or realistically managed over a long period by medication or anything for that matter, which masks the triggers or behaviours of stress. It's a natural state that enhances our senses, and with a little practice can be used to our advantage - we just need to identify the triggers at a conscious level to ensure it's fully under our control and not emotionally driven.

It makes logical sense that anyone serious about reducing stress levels should take the action necessary to reduce it - leaving stress levels high, increase the chances of stress related illnesses, such as heart attacks, increased blood pressure, migraines, depression and many more unwanted nasty's.

Reduce stress today by taking action - why wouldn't you?

Many people forget that they are in absolute control over their actions, what-you-do-and-when-you-do-it will change your ability to manage and reduce stress - do nothing and nothing will change, implement a stress management plan and you can reduce stress levels within just a few days.

The sooner you implement a stress management plan, the sooner you will be able to enjoy life without the negative emotions and anxiety.

7 surprising signs you're really stressed and exactly what to do to change it

1. Your ability to deal with loved ones reduces; you become snappy and uninterested in their life, often belittling anything that excites them.

Resolution: until your stress levels are reduced, take some extra time before replying or re-acting to situations, ask yourself if your response will positively support your relationship, and on a scale of 1-10, how stress is contributing factor to that response.

2. You become overly focused on monetary success and as a result tolerance levels are reduced when dealing with colleagues or peers; often alienating yourself from relationships that once stood in good rapport.

Resolution: before arriving to work, spend just a few moments visualising the situations and any confrontations that maybe on the horizon, as you do see how relaxed and calm you are, and feel all of the positive confident emotions flowing through your body - when this event arises remind yourself of the rehearsed vision, and take a deep breath. If you feel the need count to 10 before responding to emails, text or any other form of communication.

3. Your motivation to consume healthy food choices reduces and you will often see food-on-the-go an acceptable alternative.

Resolution: prepare everything the night before. A healthy packed lunch may not seem like an excitable choice, but diet is the largest contributing factor when it comes to the effective management of stress - what you eat is what you will become, during these times it's essential that you feed your body with high levels of minerals and vitamins that support your stress free state.

4. Sleep reduces and you lay away at night, utilising technology to overcome the feeling of boredom.

Resolution: when it is time to turn out the lights ensure that you reduce your distractions; this includes your mobile phone, computer or anything else within reach. Quality sleep is essential when suffering with increased levels of stress, aim to achieve at least 8 hours per night and avoid any stimulants after 5pm.

5. Your senses are enhanced; the loudest noise, bright light or anything that would usually seem normal appears to be magnified.

Resolution: these will reduce over time as you work on a healthy diet, moderate fitness and overall conscious improved levels of well-being.

6. Your concern over personal safety will often reduce; you will demonstrate poor judgement when it comes to situations that you would have usually avoided.

Resolution: until you've regained control over your behaviour it's important to reduce the situations that have the potential to disrupt your life in a negative way. If you think that you're about to do something outside of your usual character, then STOP and remove yourself from that situation.

7. You convince yourself that you're not stressed.

Resolution: denial is something that we all do, often playing down situations until they affect you in a negative way. If you're struggling then be honest and get help, stress is a natural occurring state and something that with small adjustments can be controlled. Your not alone - you're only human.

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