19/02/2016 09:28 GMT | Updated 18/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Could the Food You Are Eating Be Causing Your Weight Gain?

Many of us live with food intolerance either without being aware of it, or having an inclination and or instinct that we have some issue in some way. If you're anything like me, you may have tried different ways to limit bloating, skin breakouts and of course weight gain. Let me ask you though, would you ever think to look at the foods, substances or lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet as the culprits for these annoying symptoms?

Hidden food intolerance plus vitamin and mineral deficiency can cause a range of symptoms such as sleeplessness, water retention, inflammation, fatigue, circulation problems, moodiness, congestion, bloating, eczema, acne, weight gain, weight loss and so much more. Food intolerance can also cause the body not to absorb the nutrients from the foods that we are eating which in turn can mean that we do not gain the full nourishment from the foods that we are eating. Over time, the symptoms and ailments that start to show up in our body can mean that the body never gets the break it needs and in turn gets more and more tired and worn out.

By putting the wrong foods in our diet, we are constantly topping it up and topping it up with what our body doesn't need. You may be eating healthy foods but you're still gaining weight, or having other symptoms and not know why. Quite simply, we are what we eat and how we are affected is different from person to person.

Although food intolerance ultimately causes us problems, we can at times make things worse for ourselves by craving and eating the foods that don't really agree with us. When the body is in danger, it releases endorphins which we in turn as individuals want more and more of. Because we crave these food items, we eat them more often reaching out to them as a comfort. These foods aren't always just your regular known intolerance culprits such as wheat, dairy and gluten but can indeed be any food product too. In my case, chillies and lambs lettuce are my biggest downfalls.

Chillies I love and can eat any time of the day. I have it on my avocado and toast in the morning, mixed onto my salads at lunch time and then I get home in the evening after work and there I am again adding it to my stir fry for that extra va va room. Quite frankly though, my body hates them, but I crave them and in-turn I eat them. The results for me have been weight gain and skin break outs. My weight can fluctuate day by day by 7 or 8lbs. Of course this is mainly water retention, but it's definitely not good for the soul to try to wear an item of clothing you've worn a few days before and you can't because it now doesn't fit you at that moment.

It's truly amazing how the body works and how what we eat can affect us day in and day out. It's important that we listen to our body, listen to our instincts and that we seek help and support to establish any food intolerance or deficiency we may have and then in turn to ensure that we properly substitute what does not agree with us with good alternatives. Only by optimising and taking the time to understand our bodies, will we truly feel the full benefits and nutrients of the food that we eat. Taking the offending foods out of the diet can cause a natural reduction in weight, greater energy and more sustainable sleep. All of this, makes for a more wonderful life from the inside out.