23/03/2017 01:55 GMT | Updated 23/03/2017 05:24 GMT

Learning To Find Beauty Through Pain

Nature is an amazing free gift from God, and often goes unnoticed because we are just too busy to stop and enjoy the things we have around us.

Getty Images/ iStockphoto

There is something so peaceful and therapeutic about dipping your feet in the warm Indian Ocean and watching beautiful blue waves rise high and crash down racing toward you, quickly fading into white wash that kiss your feet. The sun glistening over the ocean, and the reflection of seagulls soaring in the air mirror across the waters.

Nature is an amazing free gift from God, and often goes unnoticed because we are just too busy to stop, and enjoy the things we have around us, the things that can add an experience of freedom and peace. I found myself feeling suffocated and almost struggling to breathe from the events of the last ten months of my life, I had resigned from my job, left my network of friends and relocated to be with my amazing mother who was fighting a devastating illness for almost 12 years.

My mother was an incredibly strong woman who was able to endure an immense amount of pain without ever complaining, but still managed to encourage those around her through her wisdom, and faith in Jesus. She was full of life and tried her best to live a normal life and still be the best mother to us. Six months ago she passed away. The pain of losing a mother who took the role of a father and my best friend began to make me feel alone, and incredibly sad.

Desperate to go back to a state of normal and find work I began the journey in pursuit of passion, self-awareness, happiness and healing. I made a conscious decision to begin living as if my mother was still present and cheering me on, remembering all the things she would say to encourage me. I often drive to the beach and just stare at the ocean from the view inside my car, however today was the first day I stepped out. I let my feet feel the warm grainy sand in between my toes and ran toward the ocean to dip them in for some soothing relief.

It was the first time I stopped to think, I stood in awe of the beauty of creation and felt an indescribable amount of peace and was instantly inspired. In the midst of chaos there will always be a glimpse to hope and peace, if we are ready to just stop and find the beauty in just one thing.

After many long months I finally feel like I am breathing again, inspired to write again and follow my passion to inspire others through sharing inspirational messages. There is a journey to healing that we must be willing to walk toward, and sometimes we stumble upon hidden gems that re-direct us to passion, peace and happiness.