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EU Referendum Poll: Are Creative Entrepreneurs In or Out?

After months of anticipation, heated debate and brash headlines, tomorrow the UK takes to the voting booth to decide its future relationship with the European Union - will we maintain membership, or, will tomorrow herald a new chapter in Great British history?

Creative entrepreneurs, that is, founders of businesses in the creative industries, occupy a rather unique, and until recently, unexplored position towards the EU Referendum debate. Whilst creative leaders across fashion, video games, arts and theatre and film, TV and advertising have publically declared their support for Remain, stating that their sectors would be stronger in, many entrepreneurs and small business owners say getting out is the path to strength and have publically endorsed the Brexit campaign.

Where does that leave creative entrepreneurs, who straddle both the creative industries and the interests of entrepreneurs and small businesses? Last month we launched a poll to gauge the sentiment of entrepreneurs in the UK creative sectors towards the EU referendum. So, how do creative entrepreneurs propose to vote? Our unique poll showed that over 75% plan to vote to Remain in the EU, citing reasons such as greater investment opportunities, ease of trading within the single market and easier collaboration with European colleagues, as key reasons to Remain.

Whilst an overwhelming majority support EU membership, 14% of creative entrepreneurs plan to vote for Brexit, with many citing EU bureaucracy as threatening the growth of small business. The poll showed that 7% remain undecided as to how to vote and just over 3% plan to abstain entirely.

At Creative Entrepreneurs we believe a vote to remain as EU members is crucial to the success of creative British businesses, for several, straightforward reasons: Britain leaving the EU would mean uncertainty for creative firms, less trade with Europe and fewer jobs. Britain remaining in the EU would mean the opposite: more certainty, more trade and more jobs. That's why I joined 1285 other leading British business owners, including 900 small and medium-sized businesses and 51 of the FTSE 500, in an open letter to the Times published today, to demonstrate support for the Remain campaign.

Although the position of creative entrepreneurs has been made clear, national polls continue to show a very close result. Whether tomorrow yields a victory for Remain or a triumph for Leave, the implications for entrepreneurship in the creative sector are to be far reaching. The world watches with bated breath...

Creative Entrepreneurs EU Referendum Poll Results

Vote Stay in the EU: 75.00%

Vote Leave the EU: 14.29%

Undecided: 7.14%

Will Not Be Voting: 3.57%