08/02/2016 10:45 GMT | Updated 07/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Why Are Donald Trump Supporters So Angry?

As a Briton following the US elections, I have many questions going through my mind. What is a caucus? Why are Democrats donkeys? Bernie who? All of these questions have answers that are easily available on Google, but one question still puzzles me: why are Donald Trump supporters so angry?

Last month I took the brave step of following 69 year old ego on Twitter. Within a few hours he asserted that Ted Cruz was a fraud, Hillary Clinton is a security risk, and the media just doesn't report on him enough!

After reading his tweets, I decided to reply to one, asking him a simple question. When he tweeted Clinton isn't fit to be president, I tweeted him back: "How can somebody too scared to turn up to a debate because the moderators might ask 'nasty questions' be fit to be POTUS?"

I obviously didn't expect a response from Trump, and I didn't get one personally. What I did get however, was a barrage of abuse from his supporters calling me a crybaby and a troll (oh the irony)!

So apparently I am a crybaby for asking a simple question that a lot of people were thinking! I could have replied to the abuse asserting my rights under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act, but I didn't want to trouble their brains any further, especially when their intellect is on a diet.

Some of the replies I received are below:

A few days later, Donald Trump lost the Iowa primaries! Oh dear, I weeped for days!

Not many people noticed, but a day before the Iowa caucus, Trump said that if he lost the Iowa vote, he would consider it a "big, fat beautiful and very expensive waste of time".

Of course, I wasn't going to let Trump forget this brazen statement, so I asked him how he would spin that message.

Again, the abuse continued! One user contacted me saying Trump has the silent majority, and will win the overall process. Again, the irony is hilarious as the Trump brigade are anything but silent!

Another called me an "ignorant loser with daddy issues". I don't know what that means, maybe somebody could enlighten me? I presume he doesn't like me asking a question about something their glorious leader had said.

So why are Trump's supporters so angry? Maybe it's the lack of toupee wearing politicians, or the fact that they could have a tolerant president?

Either way, I'll continue to ask Donald Trump questions and maybe one day he will give me a sensible response without using the word 'dummy', 'moron' or 'fat'!