29/06/2017 09:37 BST | Updated 29/06/2017 09:37 BST

Nutritious Minimalism

Nutritious Minimalism.

Most people think that being a minimalist you must start by removing lots of items from your life and live with very little. However, minimalism is less about the things you remove and more about the things you add and ultimately end up with. It is all about de cluttering your life and removing unnecessary items that you can live without and therefore being left with just the necessities.

We like to think of nutrition and 'healthy eating' in the same way. At the Female Fitness Academy we are NOT advocates of deprivation dieting and the removal of foods from the diet in order to lose weight, fit in a dress or conform to societal pressures and numbers on a scale.

If you are thinking of going on a fad diet based on removing foods/drinks from your daily diet then you immediately have a big hurdle to overcome. You now have given yourself a definitive list of all the things that you are no longer allowed to eat or drink. The problem is, you see, is that you are now so much more likely to end up craving something off this list, simply because of the fact it is now a banned item. We always want what we can't have.

When you start a new diet or lifestyle from the premise of 'not allowed', you are instantly setting your mind up to be aware of, and focus on, all of those things that you have set out in the 'I can't have this' list. This approach has been proven to be unsuccessful as a long term lifestyle approach, especially as a way to lose body fat and keep it off in the long term.

Research studies have shown that deprivation based diets will ultimately backfire, leading to binging on the very things that you are trying to resist and usually result in an increase in weight gain.

Eating is essential - and therefore, it shouldn't be something that causes feelings of anxiety and depression. We believe that eating should be a pleasurable part of your life and not a torturous task.

By taking a "mimimalist" approach to nutrition, in the outset, we advise clients to only focus on the ADDITION of wholesome, unprocessed foods to the daily diet as oppose to the SUBTRACTION of items as you would in generic deprivation diets.

This approach removes the focus of the unconscious mind on the "banned foods" and therefore, reduces the cravings for these items. The more healthy, unprocessed food you add into your life, the less you need or want those unhealthier options. It is amazing, how many "banned foods" will organically disappear from your diet, without the need for deprivation and the negative feelings and stress associated.

Follow us for tips and advice on how to start adding simple staple kitchen items to your diet and banish the deprivation diets for good.