15/06/2016 04:58 BST | Updated 15/06/2017 06:12 BST

Why Young Women Need to Remain in the EU

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

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I am 20 year old woman and live in the Northern Powerhouse so beloved yet neglected by Westminster.

I am an apprentice, a feminist and someone who is passionate about worker's rights.

The EU is my advocate. EU law ensures that I receive equal pay for equal work as my male colleagues, it gives me paid holidays and has given me access to the European Social Fund which goes to create apprenticeships like mine as well as improve skills and increase employability.

Most importantly, the EU allows me to live in peace, something that young women cannot now take for granted.

The European Union was formed following World War II.

I am only the second generation in my family to grow up in a peaceful country.

I will not easily watch my children and grandchildren grow up in the midst of conflict like my great grandparents and grandparents did.

28 countries are stronger than one when it comes to defending ourselves against Daesh and threats that other countries put upon us.

I will be voting yes because the EU makes our universities better because they benefit from EU funding, and they have the ability to recruit the best academics and researchers from across 28 countries easily.

I will be voting yes because the EU makes our apprenticeships better for people like me, through the European Social Fund.

I will be voting yes because independent analysis has shown that over 3.1million British jobs are directly linked to the EU - roughly one in 10 British jobs.

I will be voting yes because the EU is working with partners to combat Female Genital Mutilation practices and increase awareness among communities to the dangers of FGM.

I will be voting yes because the EU is the biggest aid donor in the world - funding projects that support women farmers, girls' education, and a range of projects across the globe.

I will be voting in the referendum to exercise the democratic right that women before me bravely fought, suffered and died for.

We cannot waste our chance. We cannot wake up on June 24th to a broken Europe. We must stand united against the racist rhetoric and lack of alternatives the 'Leave' campaign poses. We must vote YES to remain in a united, peaceful Europe.

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