01/07/2016 12:24 BST | Updated 29/06/2017 06:12 BST

Post Referendum

I watched an emergency session of the EU parliament today. 28/6/2016

The thing that struck me was the nastiness and bile that was directed towards our country simply because we had made a decision to take back our sovereignty and once again become a democratic nation, as opposed to the perceived democracy handed down by the EU commission.

The aggression nearly all came from those parties that wish to live in peace and harmony under mainly Socialist led theologies. I think in the heat of the moment the irony may well have been lost on these people who believe staunchly that Nationalism is everything that is bad in the world. Well maybe the National Socialism of 1933 was an extreme version of Socialism, but of course again the irony would be lost.

In these times it is commonly believed that facism is purely a right wing affliction, but of course as we are seeing more and more often, it is actually the far left that are the closest we have to facism. They try to close down free speech, if they can't win an argument through debate, then they will simply scream and shout, or claim they are offended, by what? Who knows? When asked they cannot give an answer, because the reality is, they are not offended at all, but believe it gives them the moral high ground by saying they are.

Now, I love my country very much indeed, but we have seen one or two more than tasteless acts of .... well, racism since our historic vote to leave the EU 5 days ago. No way do I want to belittle this as I can think of very few things that are more abhorrent in the 21st century. Quite how these morons equate leaving the EU, with feeling they have the right to tell hard working people who've lived many many years in this country to leave is beyond me. Something wants to tell me our Liberal media have jumped on one or two isolated incidents, and I sincerely hope that is the case and soon things will calm down.

These morons of course are relatively few and far between over here, just look at Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, just a few of many countries that have very active far right openly facist and racist organised groups, where as here the nearest we have is the defunct BNP which has now morphed into Britain First. Because we are a nation of moderates, these bizarre sections of our community are looked upon with comical disdain, as they should be. The more one pushes back against these minority extreme groups, the more air it gives them to survive. Humour, disdain and simply ignoring them (provided they do not break the law) is the way to deal with them.

I read an article in the Washington post the other day, calling into question Britain's commitment to NATO, especially if it were the Poles who were in need.

It simply goes to show how totally uninformed that reporter actually is. Our links with Poland are probably stronger than with any other European nation, with the possible exception of Norway. We have a shared sorrow for the alliance we had to form during the second world war, with many Poles fighting shoulder to shoulder with British infantry and airmen. They are an amazing people with a great work ethic and 'hard work' is not a phrase they understand, they just call it 'work'.

So the EU parliaments idea that 'Nationalism', or 'Nationalistic pride' is bad, has very much been influenced by what they have seen in their own nations. When well over half the voting electorate voted to leave the EU, makes them proud to be British, but so, so, far from being racists as many from the remain side of the argument implied very strongly, in an attempt to scare voters from being labelled 'racists'.

To finish, the Liberal left in Britain had convinced many young people to vote, and here is an example of conversations being carried out around the UK. This was from a friend of mine on social network todayI

Had some cheeky ***** get abusive with me the other day and said old people shouldn't be allowed to vote they are racist. She believed there is plenty of room in the UK for all the immigrants! She is originally from Malta. When I said " why not allow loads into Malta she said " There's no room!" Bloody unbelievable.

So they've convinced these young people that anyone who is old is also a racist and more to the point, the elderly should not be allowed to vote.

Now that ladies and gentlemen, IS FACISM.